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Generator voltage regulator cable need to pay attention to what?

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Q: generator voltage regulator cable need to pay attention to what?

A:The generator voltage regulator "Need to pay attention to the following items:

1, the generator voltage regulator cable can't wrong, its round head 2 and 3 of the signal and power generator tap line out, its voltage is 200 v, not received 400 v, otherwise it will cause burn out.

2, shut off when the generator set, first of all, should check the reason, such as fuse, connection, the remanence voltage, etc.Don't blindly to voltage regulator adjustable potentiometer and magnetization of 8, diesel engine at idle speed, don't go to adjust voltage regulator and the magnetization.

3, an external potentiometer only head 1, 2, 2, when you don't answer the potentiometer can't disconnect, answering the potentiometer potentiometer can't open, otherwise easy to cause damage.

4, magnetic field sprint don't use 24 v battery, need to use the 12 v battery, the magnetization when the unit has to be in a stationary state, otherwise may cause damage of high cigarette voltage regulator.

5, 50 hz, 60 hz2 should pay attention to when using connection is correct, otherwise affect the normal use of the voltage regulator.

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