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Diesel generator pattern in oil pump type and the structure

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Q: diesel generator pattern in oil pump type and the structure and working principle?

A: Diesel generator pattern in the function of the oil pump is after the engine oil pressure to the lubrication on the friction surface of the parts, to ensure the oil lubrication system constantly cycle.Oil is to rely on oil pump in the oil pressure and flow in the supply, therefore, oil pump technology condition directly affects the normal work of the lubrication system.Commonly used oil pump gear type and internal combustion engine rotor type two kinds.

1. The gear oil pump

Gear oil pump is gear and internal gear type two kinds, here to domestic diesel engine used by the common external gear oil pump as an example to introduce the structure and working principle.

The gear oil pump is mainly composed of shell, driving gear and driven gear, drive shaft and driven shaft, and other components of the front cover and the drive gear, as shown in figure 6 a 1.

Driving gear with woodruff key is installed on the drive shaft, drive shaft support in front of the pump body and cover the copper bushing.

Figure 6 a 1 the structure of the gear oil pump

Driven gear set on the driven shaft and driven shaft pressed inside the pump.Before the pump body and cover through the two dowel locating, between them is equipped with oil resistant paper gasket to prevent oil spill, and by the method of changing the thickness of the gasket to adjust the gear side clearance.Drive shaft front loaded organic oil pump drive gear, the back end in a retainer ring ring groove, in order to prevent the drive shaft out.Drive gear and the front cover with a thrust bearing, to withstand axial thrust produced by the drive shaft.

Internal combustion engine, the crankshaft gear through the intermediate gear oil pump drive gear rotating with motivation, and the driving gear drive shaft rotation, and drive the driven gear in the opposite direction, as shown in figure 6 a 2.At this time, the oil cavity for gear from mesh, volume increases, the formation of vacuum suction, the oil from the oil pan set filter be suction pump body;Oil with teeth by inlet was taken to the oil outlet, because the gear into the mesh, smaller volume, and higher oil pressure, oil at a certain pressure was taken to the friction surface.

Gear oil pump has simple structure, easy to machining, reliable operation, long life and therefore is widely used.

2. The rotor type oil pump

Number of rotor type oil pump with internal meshing rarely rotor, its structure is compact, appearance of small, uniform oil supply, low noise, it has been widely applied.Rotor type oil pump, the pump body, inner rotor and outer rotor, pump shaft, front cover, drive gear, such as the number of teeth on the rotor in less than an outer rotor teeth, eccentric inner rotor and the pump body installation.

Figure 6 a 2 working principle of gear oil pump

When the internal combustion engine is working, the rotor has to drive the rotor to move in the same directions, as shown in figure 6 a 3.Because the number of teeth on the internal and external rotor is different, and different heart, so when they rotate between tooth and tooth cavity which is formed by the volume change will occur.When turned to the oil hole position, the cavity volume from small to large, vacuum suction, the oil from the oil hole be inhaled in the cavity.With the rotation of the rotor, the side of the engine oil was brought to the oil hole, from big to small, the space-time volume oil from the oil hole be sent out.The rotor rotating unceasingly, the oil is overtaken by suction and delivery.

Figure 6 a 3 rotor type oil pump works

135 series diesel engine oil pump has two type of single and double section, which is used for diesel engine trim requirements conversion product.Wood base type of diesel engine oil pump gear type are single section, installed in the body front underside first cross rail in pin positioning, by the crankshaft gear pinion by idle gear transmission.Due to the 12 V diesel engine cylinder oil flow rate required 4.6 in-line diesel engines and six to one, there are two kinds of specifications of the oil pump, as shown in figure 6 a 4.4.6 general an oil pump cylinder diesel engine.

Figure 6 12 cylinder a 4 V diesel engine oil pump

1 one machine oil pump body 2 a driving gear 3 a drive shaft 4 one machine oil pump cover 5 a liner 6 a thrust

Bearing 7 a drive gear 8 a gear bushing 9 10 a driven shaft driven gear 11-12 a cylindrical pin adjusting shim

The driving gear oil pump to woodruff key fixed on the driving shaft, driven shaft pressure into the pump body, fitting clearance of hole driven gear and the driven shaft is 0.03 a 00 to 082 mm.Overhaul should be measured when the fit clearance, the gap will affect transmission accuracy, and increases the noise, and even cause uneven wear or killed.The gap is too small will cause bit shaft.

On replacement parts or reshipment, measuring machine oil pump gear end face and the gap between the cover plate, as shown in figure 6 a 5, the stipulation of 0.05 0.115 mm clearance, resistance to the paper if necessary adjustments do gasket.Turn the drive shaft by hand after assembly, can not have card lag phenomenon, otherwise the dowel pin should be to match the oil pump cover hinge.

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