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LXC610/LXC620 generator controller performance and character

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    LXC610 and LXC620 generator controller is LIXISE brand controller's main products for a variety of large generator set control, remote control start and stop the boot can be interconnected via GPRS mobile network to remotely monitor; LCD widescreen display, multi- language visual interface and so on. Is a versatile intelligent generator device controller.

    LXC610 generator controller : For stand-alone automated, controlled via remote start signal from the generator set start and stop;
    LXC620 LXC620 generator controller: based on an increase in LXC610 mains power monitoring and mains / generator automatic switching control function (AMF), especially suitable for stand-alone automated systems. Its main features are as follows:

● With 32-bit ARM microcontroller, hardware integration, high reliability has been further enhanced;

● LCD LCD is 128x64, with backlight, Chinese, English and other languages, optional interface operation, and can be selected in the field to facilitate the commissioning test machine;

● With advanced networking capabilities, GPRS mobile network and the Internet via the Internet, at any place where the network can be remotely monitor:

● Especially for the leasing industry, management provides the perfect solution: leased out via PC remote management of the unit, you can monitor all operating parameters (oil pressure, water temperature, voltage, current, power, etc.), you can always change the configuration to protect the unit is Improper application can record 256 detailed fault information, including: time to failure, because, when the voltage, current, power, oil pressure, water temperature and other key parameters, and ready to upload to the monitoring machine. Another multi-level password management options to facilitate the lease management;

● With RS485 communication interface, MODBUS protocol can be implemented using the three remote "feature;

● Control protection, solid" diesel or natural gas generator set automatic start / stop /, sub-gate (ATS switch) and perfect protection fault display function:

● Parameter setting: Allow user to change its parameters set, and memory in the internal FLASH memory inside the system when power is not lost.  Most parameters can be adjusted from the front panel of the controller, the computer can set all the parameters;

● With SMS function, when the generator set automatically when a newspaper Fitch package set 5 phone numbers to send alarm information can also be controlled via SMS turbine generator sets and access to the state;

● Using a computer via USB, RS232, RS485 interface, adjust the configuration controller;

● A variety of temperature, pressure, oil level sensor curves can be used directly, and custom sensor curve:

● A variety of starting conditions for success (speed sensor, oil pressure, generator) optional;

● Has the fault history, real time clock, timer switch (monthly / weekly / boot once a day and can set whether load) function;

● All the outputs are relay outputs;

● Mains overvoltage, undervoltage, over and under frequency, phase, reverse phase sequence function, power generation has overvoltage, undervoltage, over and under frequency, over current, over power, reverse power, phase, reverse phase sequence function;

● Three fixed analog sensors (temperature, oil pressure, level);

● Two programmable analog sensor can be set to the temperature or pressure or level sensor

● Power supply range (8-35) VDC, able to adapt to different starting battery voltage environments;

● Can be used for water pump, but also can indicate the instrument used (only indication, alarm, relay no action);

● Detection functions, can detect almost all the generating units associated electrical parameters and non electrical parameters;

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