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About 2014 Chinese New Year holiday notice

2014-01-17 15:17      Click:

      2014 Spring Festival approaching, the company colleagues arranged in advance in order to facilitate work and life, are in accordance with relevant state regulations combined with our actual situation, the notice during the Spring Festival holiday arrangements are as follows:

     1, From the Spring Festival holiday ended January 25, 2014 until February 7, 2014, a total of 14 days holiday, February 8 (Ninth day) to work properly.

     2, Spring does not come home if the company is willing to stay on duty personnel, please Jan. 15 to HR registration to the company ahead of time on duty during the holidays and other related arrangements.

    3, The company heads of departments should be checked each day before work in the department of electrical facilities before the holidays all the power off situation and shut doors and windows.

 Wish you: Happy New Year, New Year's good luck, peace!


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