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Big news-Maoming mobile great LIXiSE base generator remote monitoring system play an important role in the "rainbow" typhoon

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No. 22 powerful typhoon this year 14 "rainbow" on October 4, 10 points in the coastal areas of potou district when landing, the typhoon radius covered much of maoming.Affected by its southeast of maoming appeared 9 to 13 class gale, coast 13 to 15, and local rainstorm appeared to rain for a long time."Rainbow" wind is big, wide influence, maoming mobile communications equipment severely damaged, the peak appear cumulative power transmission room 103, transfer the total 84 cases of transmission failure, the base station peak power 471, base station peak back 497.Urgent action, the situation is serious, move people sent a wireless power repair team 45, transmission repair team 24, 685;Emergency vehicles were 208, 251 oil machines quickly into rescue work.

Intelligent monitor and control system for Diesel generator, play a huge role

Maoming extraterrestrial coast, is the locations of the typhoon, maoming mobile deployment, early in the last year has been fixed oil machine upgrading of the city, with LIXiSE oil wit can remote monitoring system, the fixed diesel generator for centralized management in the city.The powerful typhoon "rainbow", monitoring and control system for monitoring the total of 378 sets of base station, monitor to nine station generator abnormal, generating hours 630 hours, and 24 hours real-time monitoring of generator operating health, remote start-up, automatic maintenance inspection, fault alarm, monitoring of generator parameters at the same time, oil, etc., provide the scientific basis for generator maintenance in advance, at the same time win the precious time for emergency repairs, ensure the base diesel generator to work properly.Force ksetra-ksetrajna oil wit can remote monitoring system in this play an important role in the rescue and relief work.

LIXiSE base station remote monitoring system of Diesel generator, maoming company praise

On October 6, 99% of the base station to restore communications, Maoming company, to praise my company's diesel generator  monitoring system, in the powerful typhoon and played a huge role in "rainbow", also thanks my company actively cooperate with in the emergency repair, with the fastest speed response, do it the first time to solve the problem, restore the electricity, the protection of the normal operation of the machine base oil, make up the user impact to a minimum.

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