EG2000(gray) Genset governor

EG2000(gray) Genset governor

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  •       The EG2000 is a universal generator governor / engine speed controller equipped with Smoke Limiting, & Idle Speed. Suitable for diesel, gas and natural gas engines with Built-in & Non-Built-in PTs Pumps, also can be used with Low Current, Electric over Hydraulic Oil Pumps Type Governor Actuators. It's compatible with following model. Cummins 4913988-BI, 3419988, 3098693 and 3044196 AVR. GAC ESD5500 and ESD5500E. Woodward EPG P/N 8290-189,8290-038,...

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 Product description

The EG2000 is an advanced PID electronic governor for generator sets with a wide range of gain adjustment and integral adjustment, as well as a slow start function that can drive high power actuators up to 10A or drive lightweight Hydraulic actuator.It is suitable for diesel, gas and natural gas generators; With built-in and non-built-in PT pumps, it can also be used for low current, overcharged hydraulic pump type speed adjustment drives.Because of the high quality and powerful function,it becomes more and more popular in the market.


Main features:

1、Works on a wide ranges of MPU/flywheel frequencies

2、15Amp Max output

3、 Suitable for all types of diesel and gas engines

4、High sensitivity and stable at low frequency variations

5、Moisture, vibration, and rust protected, epoxy encapsulated electronics

6、 For use with isochronous generators & automatic paralleling PLC controls

7、 Idle speed adjustment and connections for a remote speed POT



Operating Voltage:10 VDC to 30 VDC

Output Current:From 0.5 Amp to 15 Amp

Frequency Range:600 Hz ~ 9500 Hz (PMG Signal)

Idle Speed Frequency:Adjustable From 30~85% of normal

Speed Band:± 0.25% at Steady State

Temp. Stability:Between -40~85 °C Better than ± 0.5%

Remote Speed Adjustment Range (2 mode):Adjustable Range: ± 5% with 5 KΩ potentiometer

Ramp Time: 3 to 20 Sec. Adjustable

                          Operation Temp. :-40~85 °C

Operation Environment:Storage Temp. : -40~85 °C

                       Relative Humidity : Maximum 95%

                       Vibration : 3G @ 100~2 KHz


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