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GAVR-15A Brushless genset AVR

GAVR-15A Brushless genset AVR

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  • Type:     GAVR-15A
  • Product Summary:
  •       GAVR-15A genset AVR is Universal 15 Amp 1/2 Wave Self Excited Dip-Switch Programmable be Automatic Voltage Regulator, which is suitable for brushless generator. ...

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Product description:

GAVR-15A genset AVR is Universal 15 Amp 1/2 Wave Self Excited Dip-Switch Programmable be Automatic Voltage Regulator, which is suitable for brushless generator.  


 Main features:

1、<±O.5oA, Regulation

2、220/400 VAC Programmable Input

3、Rugged Compact Design

4、 With Under Frequency Protection

5、 Soft Start Voltage Ramping

6、 EMf Suppression

7、 Built-in Hihg Capacity 15Amp Fuse



Sensing Input Voltage   220/400VAC,1phase 2wire

Power Input  Voltage  180~240VAC, 1phase 2wire

Output     Voltage   Max.90VDC@240VAC input 

                 Current  Continuous 6A

                 Intermittent 12A for 10SEE

                Resistance  Min.10Ω Max 100Ω

Voltage Build-up   esidualvolts at AVR teminal>5VAC

External Volts Adjustment  +/-7%with 1KΩ 1watt trimmer

Unit Power Dissipation   Max.8Watt

Under Frequency Protection 60Hz system presets knee point at 57Hz

(Factory Settings)         50Hz system presets knee point at 47Hz


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