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EA16(400Hz) Generator AVR

EA16(400Hz) Generator AVR

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  • Type:     EA16(400Hz)
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  •        EA16 16Amp half wave automatic voltage regulator can be used in genset parallel operation. It's compatible with Marelli, Caterpillar, Khenkikian, and Genaust avrs....

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Product description

 This EA16 is for 400 Hz system.It is similar to the original EA15A in power and voltage sensing capabilities but with new enhanced paralleling functions; the user can now select the CT inputs either 1 & 5 Amp or use new A1 & A2 analogue signal inputs terminals for use with PLC paralleling controls. It has new over-voltage excitation safety circuits to prevent damage caused by the accidental detachment of the sensing wires or irregularities on the generator’s excitation circuits.

Main features:

1、KUTAI EA16 Can Used In Parallel Operation.

2、Soft Start Voltage Ramping  

3、Load CT Current Compensation, Analogue Voltage Input 

4、Suitable for brushless style generator sensing Input 170~510VAC

5、Two types: 400HZ  and 50-60HZ


Sensing Input

Voltage 170~510 VAC single phase 2 wire

Frequency 50/60 Hz
*EA16-400Hz : Frequency 400 Hz

Power Input

Voltage 60~300 VAC single phase 2 wire


Voltage Max. 90 VDC @ 240 VAC input
Current Continuous 16A, Max. Intermittent 20A for 10 sec.
Resistance Min. 6 Ohm @ 35 VDC

Voltage Regulation

< ±0.5% (with 4% engine governing)

Voltage Build-up

Residual volts at AVR terminal > 5 VAC

External Volts Adjustment

±5% with 2 K Ohm 1 watt trimmer

Unit Power Dissipation

Max. 10 watt

Thermal Drift

0.03% per °C change in AVR ambient

Under Frequency Protection

55 Hz @ 60 Hz / 45 Hz @ 55 Hz (Adjustable)
*EA16-400Hz : 360 Hz (Adjustable)

CT Current Compensation Input

1A or 5A (Selectable)

Analogue Input

±5 VDC ±10% AC @ ±3 VDC


Operating Temperature : -40~70 °C
Storage Temperature : -40~85 °C
Relative Humidity : Maximum 95%
Vibration : 3.3G @ 100~2 KHz

AVR Controls Functions

VOLT : Voltage Adjustment
STAB : Stability Adjustment
U/F*: To Set the U/F Knee Point
DROOP : To Adjust Droop
TRIM : Analogue Input Adjustment
(*U/F: Under Frequency Protection)


156.0 (L) x 106.0 (W) x 43.0 (H) mm


450g ±2%


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