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EA16(50-60Hz) Generator AVR

EA16(50-60Hz) Generator AVR

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  •       EA16 16Amp half wave automatic voltage regulator can be used in genset parallel operation. It's compatible with Marelli, Caterpillar, Khenkikian, and Genaust avrs....

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Product description


The EA16 AVR is an update of the EA15A AVR. It is similar to the original EA15A in power and voltage sensing capabilities but with new enhanced paralleling functions; the user can now select the CT inputs either 1 & 5 Amp or use new A1 & A2 analogue signal inputs terminals for use with PLC paralleling controls. It has new over-voltage excitation safety circuits to prevent damage caused by the accidental detachment of the sensing wires or irregularities on the generator’s excitation circuits.

Main features:

1.  Voltage regulation < ±0.5%
2.  Suitable for brushless type generator sensing input 170~510VAC
3.  Can be used in parallel operation
4.  16ADC current output
5.  AVR16 suitable frequency 50/60Hz
6.  AVR16-400Hz suitable frequency 400Hz
7. Soft start voltage ramping
8. Load CT current compensation, analogue voltage input


Sensing Input

Voltage 170~510 VAC single phase 2 wire

Frequency 50/60 Hz
*EA16-400Hz : Frequency 400 Hz

Power Input

Voltage 60~300 VAC single phase 2 wire


Voltage Max. 90 VDC @ 240 VAC input
Current Continuous 16A, Max. Intermittent 20A for 10 sec.
Resistance Min. 6 Ohm @ 35 VDC

Voltage Regulation

< ±0.5% (with 4% engine governing)

Voltage Build-up

Residual volts at AVR terminal > 5 VAC

External Volts Adjustment

±5% with 2 K Ohm 1 watt trimmer

Unit Power Dissipation

Max. 10 watt

Thermal Drift

0.03% per °C change in AVR ambient

Under Frequency Protection

55 Hz @ 60 Hz / 45 Hz @ 55 Hz (Adjustable)
*EA16-400Hz : 360 Hz (Adjustable)

CT Current Compensation Input

1A or 5A (Selectable)

Analogue Input

±5 VDC ±10% AC @ ±3 VDC


Operating Temperature : -40~70 °C
Storage Temperature : -40~85 °C
Relative Humidity : Maximum 95%
Vibration : 3.3G @ 100~2 KHz

AVR Controls Functions

VOLT : Voltage Adjustment
STAB : Stability Adjustment
U/F*: To Set the U/F Knee Point
DROOP : To Adjust Droop
TRIM : Analogue Input Adjustment
(*U/F: Under Frequency Protection)


156.0 (L) x 106.0 (W) x 43.0 (H) mm


450g ±2%



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