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Diesel generator automatic control system classification and

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     Diesel generator automatic control system designer or user, should the actual situation, determined according to the specificrequirements of diesel generator sets must have automatic control functions.  On the rated power of the land is not more than 3200KWdiesel generator set with automation developed GB/T4712-1996 "automatic diesel generator set grading requirements" standard, thediesel generator set control system according to their degree of automation is divided into three:

      (A) an automatic diesel generator set performance are as follows:

1) a single turbine automation for emergency power supply.  During operation to maintain a constant voltage and frequency.

2) generator set shall automatically maintain emergency preparedness operational status (automatic battery charger; cylinder automatic inflation), the diesel engine automatically before the start of pre-lubricated.

3) When the generator need to start, run or stop, press the automatic control commands can automatically start, run or stop.

4) generators during operation, if there is an overload, short circuit, over speed, over-frequency, high water temperature, low oilpressure and other abnormal conditions that can be automatically protected.

5) generators should be equipped with proper operation of the sound and light show that signaling systems, and alarm indicationsignal through these signals indicate the unit operating conditions.

6) generators unattended circumstances should be able to run continuously 4h.

    (B) two automatic diesel generator sets in addition to meeting the requirements of an automated unit, but also should have the following features:

 1) generator set should have the fuel, oil and cooling water automatically add functionality.

 2) generators in case of unattended, continuous operation 20h.

    (C) three automatic diesel generator sets in addition to meet one, two automated unit requirements, it must also have the following  features:

1) When the generator set from the start fails, since the launch of the system control program should be able to start command will

automatically transfer to another standby unit.

 2) generators should be able to press the automatic or remote control command instructions to complete two of the same model

specification generator automatically tied reconciliation column.

 3) generator parallel operation, you should be able to automatically assign the output of active power and reactive power.

 4) In addition to having a generator set, three automated unit for the protection, but also has reverse power protection.

      Three three three automated generator set can be composed of an automated plant. Two of them doing Chang Chuan power supply unit, a spare, it should be run in parallel with additional related functions.  Automation and control systems should be based on load and run your state, three generator sets automatic sequence start and stop, side by side, splitting and load distribution. Fault is divided into two treatment: a failure for the light, uninterrupted power supply to be achieved, that is put into standby generator parallel operation, then stopped faulty generator sets. Two as the most important fault, faulty emergency generators stopped at the same time, immediately put into standby generator sets, allowing for uninterrupted power supply to the load.

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