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Technical performance of diesel genset

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Technical performance of diesel generator sets , power units is the main basis for measuring the quality and economic indicators . The main technical performance usually refers to the unit's power factor from 0.8 to 1.0 , three-phase symmetrical load within the range of 0-100 % , or 100 % -0 rating gradient or mutations , should reach performance. Here we introduce a detailed. 1、stable voltage regulation turbines ; 2, stable frequency regulation ; 3, voltage stabilization time ;4, frequency settling time; 5, load voltage tuning range ; 6, in the three-phase asymmetry operating voltage stability under load ;7, crew and aircraft performance. Seven technical performance indicators .

( A ) stable voltage regulation Su

     Su = U1-U / U * 100%

Where U1 ---- load change stable voltage maximum (or minimum ) ;

       U ---- load tuning voltage.

Class I-III units artificial negative (1-3)%; IV class units do not exceed plus or minus 5 %.

(B ) stable frequency regulation Sf

     Sf = f1-f2 / f * 100%

Where f1 --- load gradients said state frequency after the maximum ( or minimum ) ;

     f2 --- frequency at rated load ;

      f --- nominal frequency.

    Sf unit class I ~ III 0.5% -3 % . Class IV Sf unit does not exceed 5 %.

(C ) voltage stabilization time

    Counting from the time when the mutation load began to stabilize the voltage required is usually measured with an oscilloscope .

    Class I ~ III unit voltage stabilization time of 0.5-1s; IV class unit voltage stabilization time of 3s.

(D ) Frequency settling time

    Starting from the time when the pre- load mutation rate began to stabilize needed , usually with an oscilloscope to measure .

    Class I-III crew reported rates weighed time is 2-5s; IV class unit voltage stabilization time of 7s.

(E ) No-load voltage setting range

    The unit should be able to adjust the tuning voltage and stability in the range of 95% -105 % cheek given value.

    For example, a rated voltage of 400V units , its no-load voltage can be adjusted between 380-420V.

    Stability ( six ) runs in three-phase unbalanced load voltage

In the three-phase unbalanced load power supply unit run , if not exceed the rated current per phase , and the difference of the phase current is not

More than 25% of the rated value , the difference between each line voltage and phase voltage average value should not exceed 5% of the average of the three-phase line voltage .

And machine performance ( seven ) generators

Two specifications identical three-phase units . At rated power factor, should be 20% -100 % of rated power range

The stability of parallel operation . In order to improve the active and reactive power , accuracy and stability of the rational allocation of running diesel unit requirements

Oil generator governor has steady tone in the rate of 2 % -5 % range adjustment Gan installed in the generator control box ( screen ) device allows the regulator

Steady state voltage regulation rate adjustment within 5% range.

In addition, the voltage at the rate of volatility , time is running overload , transient voltage , frequency regulation and direct asynchronous electric plant start- empty

Motivation and other properties. With the development of technology, all kinds of domestic and imported units also have other special properties , this little introduction .

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