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Diesel generator controller system works

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Diesel generator  controller system works and the algorithm is quite complex , the design of each circuit has its own specific algorithm to be implemented . Diesel generator  controller system is like the heart of generators using intelligent control system greatly improves the operation of diesel generators , to protect the stability of diesel generator set , then the control system is the means by which the principles and algorithms to achieve it ? The control section diesel generator set , digital excitation controller than conventional analog circuit excitation controller with high precision, fast response , the control algorithm adaptable for different characteristics of the motor by adjusting the process parameters as long as you can adapt , and even can be achieved the higher-end adaptive intelligent control algorithms and so on.

1, digital excitation controller software and algorithm

Mainly for digital excitation controller software and control algorithms used are discussed . First of all main digital excitation controller design and data acquisition algorithms for power control algorithm and intelligent field research , and implemented on the CPU. In order to achieve precise digital excitation control , need to get real-time , accurate power data , and to get real-time , accurate power data, you need to use AC sampling method and formula for calculating the exchange of electricity each sample , the final preparation of the calculated algorithm consumption data. AC sampling is based on certain rules of the instantaneous value of the measured signal is sampled , and then follow a mathematical algorithm derived measurements measured power parameters. AC voltage is given below , various algorithms AC current, active power, reactive power, power factor discrete equation .


2, digital excitation controller design plan

Power supply: Due to the microprocessor operating power requirements, we need a stable DC power supply , signal conditioning circuits computing a 5V power supply circuit requires a ± 12V DC power supply , in addition, need to drive a relay switch output , so you need a +24 V DC power supply , and we need to design a power conversion module to get three sets of DC power required for the system to work .

3, the AC sampling phase-locked loop circuit

To communicate sampling , usually require simultaneous sampling , the current AC sampling methods are mainly synchronous sampling hardware , software, synchronous and asynchronous sampling sampling of three. Hardware synchronization circuit synchronized by hardware interrupts to the CPU proposed to achieve synchronization. There are various forms of hardware synchronization circuit , such as the common PLL synchronization circuit. Hardware synchronization synchronous sampling method is to generate a pulse on the measured signal is sampled by specialized hardware circuits. It overcomes the drawbacks of software synchronous sampling method truncation error and other high measurement accuracy. Using the principle of phase-locked frequency tracking principle synchronized sampling intervals as shown in Figure 2.3 : In the phase comparator PD, a low -pass filter LP, the voltage controlled oscillator in the PLL VCO divider constituted added n enter the frequency of the signal , as the PLL reference frequency , output sampling frequency. N and by comparing the frequency , phase locked loop principle , the locking / n =, ie : = n. Because the phase locked loop tracking of when the signal frequency changes , the circuit can quickly track and lock automatically , always meet the relationship n = a , i.e., n is an integer times the sampling frequency of the signal frequency within a week to achieve such sampling interval n points . In addition, also the frequency coefficient n of process control, and the signal may be based CPU, A / D converter speeds different frequency , dynamically changing the value of n to achieve the best results.

4, the excitation output of the main circuit design

Excitation controller can control the power output of a DC output voltage and current , when determining the overall design of this exciting rectified output is rated at 80VDC, rated excitation current of 10A, when the strong excitation reaches 25A. AC power from the excitation power , the generator itself may be provided , or may be externally provided , the external power supplies are typically provided relatively good stability , due to the power supplied by the generator to start the impact , and during operation may destabilizing factors such as fluctuation of aberration will occur , which will affect the performance of the excitation output . So we designed for case studies and take power from the generator .

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