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Diesel generator rated power

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A , Diesel generator rated power

For a diesel generator sets, diesel engine output power refers to its crankshaft output mechanical power . Limit mechanical and thermal loads by allowing the use of diesel engine parts maximum power , and therefore need to provide the maximum power allowed continuous operation , known as diesel rated power . Diesel use can not exceed the rated power , otherwise it will shorten its life , and may even cause an accident.

According to national standards , the nameplate rated power of the engine into the following four categories .

(1) 15min power : the engine allows continuous operation 15min maximum effective power is likely to overload and short acceleration requires a calibration power , such as cars , motorcycles and other internal combustion engine rated power .

(2) 1h power : the maximum engine allows continuous operation lh effective power , such as wheeled tractors, locomotives, ships and other internal combustion engine rated power .

(3) 12h power : the engine allows continuous operation 12h maximum effective power , such as power units, engineering machinery used in internal combustion engines rated power .

(4) Continuous power : the power of the engine allows the maximum effective long-term continuous operation .

Foreign power with the engine rated power also have the following .

( 1 ) Standby Power : No overload ( overload power ) ; annually only run at 80 % of rated power 200h, which does not exceed the rated power operation time 25h.

( 2 ) basic power .

No time to run during one run per 250h , the average engine power does not exceed 70 % of rated power , rated power annually to run no more than 500h; during the 12h running , can run at 110 % of rated power lh, annual 110% of rated power operation for longer than 25h.

Limited time to run one operating at rated power longer than 750h; over 750h , it should be run in continuous power . This power is suitable for the load is relatively constant occasion.

( 3 ) Continuous power : rated power can be a constant , there is no time limit to run each year , there is no overload ( overload power ) .

Rated power plants with diesel power is 12h . I.e., at atmospheric pressure to engine 101.325kPa, environmental temperature of 201C, a relative humidity of 50% standard conditions , when the engine speed to rated continuous 12h normal operation , to the effective power , represented by Ne .

In general, the internal combustion engine to allow longer continuous operation , the rated power is relatively small . The maximum power of the engine by the predetermined time after the calibration conditions of work , can be immediately sent to overload the power , and its size expressed as a percentage of the rated power . In general, the rated power is 12h engine power or continuous power with power overload , which value can be defined as 110% , respectively, the rated power of two , and continuous operation during 1h 12h operation.

Second, The AC synchronous generator rated power

AC synchronous generator rated power refers to the long-term continuous operation at rated speed rated output power , with a PH said . Generator rated power categories , usually working class representation system .

GB755 (idtIEC34-1) on the rotary motor provides 10 kinds of work system .

IS08528-3 (GB/T2820.3) provides that the RIC engine driven turbine generator should be required to continue the fixed ( duty S1) or discrete constant load fixed ( working system S10),

S1 continuous duty one duty : to keep the heat steady state operation at constant load .

510 duty eleven discrete constant load duty: includes more than four kinds of discrete load values ( or equivalent load ) working system . Each time a load operation should be sufficient to achieve thermal stability of the motor . Minimum load in a work cycle can be zero ( no load, stop and break energy ) .

Third, The diesel generator set rated power

Diesel generator set rated power refers to the standard environmental conditions ( atmospheric pressure, relative humidity , ambient temperature) 12h continuous operation power ( which allowed 10% overload operation lh). Unit over more than 12h of continuous use , the output power of the diesel engine rated power by 90 % correction discounted electric power .

Combustion turbine power categories are considering accessories category and the actual power usage to regulations. ISO8528-1 power unit specified categories are :

( 1 ) Continuous Power (COP)

( 2 ) basic power (PRP)

( 3 ) limited running power (LTP)

For the same generator sets, power rating category is different, its size is also different. All national standards and I S08528-5 (GB/T2820.5) are specified by the manufacturer before the product label must indicate the rated power of the power categories, namely add prefix : COP, PRP or LTP. Such labeling , both reflect the actual situation turbines , and easy to use. Similarly, when the user buy the unit , but also important to note that power category.

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