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Diesel generator set working conditions

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Working conditions of diesel generator set refers to the environmental conditions specified output of rated power, and can work continuously and reliably. National standards for power plants (units) working conditions, including altitude, ambient temperature, relative humidity, presence of mold, salt spray and inclination to place and so on. Determine the rated power of the diesel generator sets should be used for standard working conditions. Since the composition of the reciprocating engine generator set, alternator, controls and switching devices in the national standards have their own regulations and standards, so the choice to determine the environmental conditions in the integrated generator set should consider these factors, the focus should be to the engine standard environmental conditions for the foundation. From the use of perspective, in accordance with the provisions of GB/T2819-95, the unit rated power output and environmental conditions should work reliably in one of the following requirements.

(1) absolute atmospheric pressure Pr: 100kPa; 

Ambient temperature Tr: 25 ℃;

Air relative humidity Φr: 30%.

(2) the absolute atmospheric pressure Pr: 89.9kPa;

Temperature Tr: 40 ℃;

Air relative humidity Φr: 60%.

Unit under the following conditions should be able to output the rated power (to allow correction) and work reliably.

(1) Altitude: not exceed 4000m.

(2) Setting temperature: the lower limit was 5, -15, -25 and -40 ℃;

40, 45, respectively, and the upper limit 50 ℃.

(3) the relative humidity, condensation and mold: generator set working conditions should comply with the following table.

Mildew: electrical components unit test after mildew, mildew surface level should not exceed GB/T2423.16 prescribed 2.

According to the national standard GB 2819-81, power station under the following conditions should be able to output the rated power, and can work reliably.

Class A stations: Altitude 1000m, ambient temperature 40 ℃, relative humidity of 60%.

Class B power station, altitude Om, ambient temperature 20 ℃, relative humidity of 60%.

Plants should be able to work reliably under the following conditions, namely altitude does not exceed 4000m, the ambient temperature, the lower limit were:

The upper limit is 40 ℃, 45 ℃ I

The lower limit is 5 ℃, -25 ℃, -40 ℃.

Relative humidity of 60%, 90%, 95%.

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