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Diesel generator moving parts - crankshaft flywheel group

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(B) the crankshaft flywheel group

       Moving parts of diesel generator set consists of a piston, connecting rod group, crankshaft flywheel sets and other components. This article will introduce two crankshaft and flywheel diesel generator set diesel generator parts.

1.Crankshaft structure 

Is one of the main parts of the crankshaft engine, it is the role of the work done by the engine cylinder together with the rotary motion of the output mode. For multi-cylinder diesel engine, it is continuously exposed to the power stroke of the piston rod via a force coming from the converted torque transmitted to the transmission mechanism, while also pushing the piston through the connecting rod for the suction, compression and discharge gas and driving gas distribution agencies and other assistive devices. A crankshaft flywheel assembly structure, shown in Figure 2.13. Usually divided into the main journal, rod journal, crank, front axle (ie, the free end of the crankshaft), the composition of the back-end (crankshaft output) flange and balancing blocks (or counterweight) and other components.

The long axis of the crankshaft multi-cylinder diesel engine is a high-speed rotating one. Changing it to withstand the gas pressure and inertial forces and the centrifugal force generated by rotation, and therefore, it is required to have sufficient strength and stiffness, but also to wear, good lubrication, and reliable mounting to restrict axial or axial location displacement, in addition, crank arrangement should be reasonable, and the firing order to meet the requirements of the diesel engine to run smoothly.

Crankshaft structure following categories.

Integral: the whole entire crankshaft forging or casting. Widely used in small diesel engines.

Sets fit: there are half-formed and full fit. For large low-speed diesel engines.

Combined: There are segmented and disc. By rolling the high-speed machine.

Cummins NT Series diesel engine crankshaft flywheel combined group by the crankshaft, crankshaft gears, bearings, starting ring gear, flywheels and pulleys and other components, as shown in Figure 2.14. NT series diesel engine crankshaft is integral, integral forged steel. This feature is the main journals of the crankshaft, the crank and connecting rod journal is made a whole. Its front shaft end loading V-belt drive with two belt slots have, directly or indirectly, drag fans, pumps and charging machine pulley.By connecting the rear end of the crankshaft flange with six screws and tighten the flywheel, and two cylindrical pin positioning in the end face of the flywheel with 12 evenly spaced holes, couplings and other power output device for installation, start-ring Tight flywheel mating surfaces.Due to the different structure of the spindle neck, bearing the same file 1,3,5, 2,4,6 same block, seventh gear bearing specific, each block has hole bearing, thrust washer safe in the 7th gear bearing cap . Thin-walled aluminum alloy main bearing bush, between the upper and lower tile with tile main bearing bolts tightened on the tile and sump hole out there, and can communicate with the main journal of the hole, oil from wells circulation, forced lubrication to the main bearings and connecting rod journal friction surface friction surface.After the crankshaft flywheel components assembled in the flywheel manually rotate the crankshaft should be flexible.

2. Flywheel

Flywheel main role is to maintain a uniform rotation of the crankshaft, collaboration engine start, to ensure the stability of engine running empty. Usually fitted on the outer ring of the flywheel ring gear start (motor starting) or turbine (electric drive vehicles) or the disk drive lever hole system, and partakers of the engraved mark on the outer edge of the piston at top dead center to indicate the point location for checking valve timing and fuel supply advance angle to use.

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