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ATS generator controller is how to start the generator?

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Q: ATS generator controller is how to start the generator? 

A: When the mains power failure occurs, or phase, overvoltage, undervoltage and other abnormal conditions, ATS system confirms delayed auto-start standby diesel generator sets, generator sets the output voltage of the normal confirmation by default after the loss of mains power, automatic switch to the generators, the load is powered by a generator set; when utility power is restored to normal, after a preset time delay switch automatically confirmed restore electricity to power the load. After unloading the generator set preset cooling operation, automatic shutdown. 

For example: Force Corsa (LIXISE) ATS106 dual power transfer controller for mains / generator automatic switching control module, a microprocessor core, can accurately detect two single-phase voltage of the voltage appearing abnormal (loss electricity, overvoltage, undervoltage, over and under frequency) to make accurate judgments, after the delay control ATS switching. The controller has issued a starter mains signal generators feature abnormal delay.

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