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Diesel generators fixed parts - cylinder

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Diesel generators fixed parts

The main parts of diesel generators, including fixed cylinder block, cylinder head, cylinder liner, crankcase, etc., as shown in 2.15 below. It is the skeleton of the engine, the engine is the basis of the working body, subjected to various loads of the engine. Therefore, only the body member has a sufficiently high stiffness and strength to ensure that the engine is working properly long bodies.


First, the cylinder

The cylinder block is the cylinder body. The crankcase, the next two parts of the lower crankcase for supporting the crankshaft. The small cylinder water-cooled engine body normally molded integrally with the crankcase, the cylinder block referred. Structure formation of the cylinder block, there are four, as shown in 2.16.

General type cylinder center line of the crankshaft is connected to the crankcase oil pan surface, as shown in 2. 16 (a) above. NJ-70 gasoline engine belonging to this structure.柴油机气缸体结构图

Gantry cylinder is connected with the axle boxes printed on the surface of the oil pan located below the centerline of the crankshaft, the main bearing is located on the crankcase, as shown in 2. 16 (b) Fig. Z12V190B diesel engine, 4125C diesel engine, Cummins Diesel NTA series belong to this structure.

Tunnel-type cylinder engine is typically used for rolling bearings, in order to increase its strength, as shown in 2. 16 (c) and FIG .6135 2105 Diesel engine is the structure.

Pedestal cylinder on the cylinder crankcase without this main bearing mounted on the crankshaft lower crankcase, bear the main load, suitable for a large diesel engine, as shown in 2. 16 (d) below. 6160 diesel engine using this structure.

Cummins diesel engine upper body NTA series of box-shaped, cast with many pillars and internal cross walls, is a gantry structure. On the plane opened the cylinder bore, valve push rod hole, oil and cooling water outlet bore holes and so on. Gray cast iron cylinder liner made of high quality materials processing, the pressure in the cylinder bore, the end face pressed against the upper flange of the cylinder bore shoulder blades positioned allowed to move up and down during operation. Cylinder car has two sets of lower flange ring road grid, hydrosphere for installation of rubber seals to prevent the cooling water penetrated the crankcase, causing oil deterioration. Front cover is connected with the front of the body, the middle gaskets, timing gear chamber formed, built timing gears that drive mechanism, while the back end is connected with the flywheel housing, the middle gasket forming flywheel room, built-in flywheel and other parts.The lower part is connected with the oil pan, the middle of the gasket to form crankcase, crankshaft main bearings and built crude oil filters. Its right side mounted camshaft, bushings, tender pump, oil pump, fuel filter, cam follower cover and instrument rack; its left side mounted charger, starter, oil cooler, oil filter and water filtration and so on. Oil pan is cast iron, which has a coat of oil dipstick to check the oil and the oil temperature sensor for installation holes at the bottom with oil drain plug.

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