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Mobile Communications Equipment Remote Monitoring System

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Mobile Communications Equipment Remote Monitoring System

Application background

Now, with the mobile communication network coverage area to expand, reducing labor costs for the operator, each mobile station are unattended. Established by the communications room remote monitoring system in mobile dispatch communications center monitoring center, each base station related data, environmental parameters, images and other monitoring and surveillance, so that real-time, direct understanding and grasp the situation of each base station, and in a timely manner to what happened react to the situation, in order to strengthen the maintenance and management of mobile base stations to ensure smooth move signals the need to adapt to the development of the industry.

System Overview

Communications room remote monitoring system is to protect the well-room environment at the same time is also important to ensure the normal operation of the communications network, the system consists of a base station front-end monitoring equipment, wireless transmission network, the monitoring center (including monitoring software) of three parts. Achieved through 3G/2G wireless communication network video surveillance and burglar alarm networking capabilities, the base station will be on the general danger warning, while monitoring devices inside and outside the station, play a role in the double protection.


Communications room remote monitoring system consists of burglar alarms and video surveillance of two parts, the use of the different characteristics of the two systems, the organic combination of the two systems, with the use of anti-theft detectors and cameras, to achieve automatic alarm recording, video uploads, for the entire station closed management, so as to achieve real-time monitoring on the base and effective management.

It is through the wireless network 3G, 2G and other transmission for remote monitoring. Networking through which to 3G, GPRS transmission circuit requirements: network monitoring system composed of several parts of the monitoring center device (SC), the transmission network (3G, 2G) and communication equipment room monitoring unit (SU). Image monitoring system intended for communication base stations distributed throughout the site to conduct a comprehensive environmental monitoring and management, the system uses the secondary structure, namely "Monitoring Center (SC) → monitoring unit (SU)", the monitoring center (SC) and the monitoring unit ( Between the SU) wireless 3G, 2G network connections, each communications room set up a monitoring unit sites, enabling centralized multipoint control unit.


Communications room remote monitoring system monitoring unit (SU) is responsible for all communication base station site for real-time monitoring, video server will be collected images, sounds sent to the monitoring center (SC), the monitoring center (SC) to achieve communication base stations within its jurisdiction centralized monitoring, centralized management, centralized maintenance purposes.

Communications room to achieve remote monitoring system schematics

Currently communications room to achieve universal remote monitoring system functions:

1, 2-4 video channels, 4 alarm inputs.

2, the indoor base station, base station outdoor air conditioner outdoor unit, Antenna, transformers and other locations to be monitored.

3, in the base station, outside sound and light installation language speakers or alarm siren alarm alerts.

4, the use of the existing network 3G/2G wireless communication base station transmission network.

5, available from the machine to the next preset 5 groups of alarm phone numbers, can set 5 groups of numbers, while a voice message and send alarm SMS message to a network management center number and four related maintenance personnel alarm.

6, in the monitoring center to achieve control and electronic map rotation switch alarm recording functions.

7, the monitoring center can capture images in real time on-site, but also set the timer to capture images uploaded to the monitoring center.

Modern applied significance

With the rapid development of China's mobile communication industry, covering the increasingly sophisticated communications network, increasing the number of communication base stations. And its coverage has been involved in the mountains and remote villages. Strengthening communication base station management, security and communications equipment to protect base running plays an irreplaceable role in the communications room remote monitoring system.

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