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Generators for remote monitoring market background

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With the rapid development of China's telecommunications industry, the growing size of the network, the growing number of mobile users. Communications operator station also showed rapid growth in building momentum, a large area of the base station system for the early evolution over the streets, rural corner of the cellular network. China Mobile's case, it is far from a single base station covering some general can cover a radius of three kilometers around.Theoretically a GSM base station can cover 35 kilometers. Number of base stations nationwide movement has reached more than 400,000, has been all over the country towns, villages, mountains, lakes. With the rapid development of 4G network technology, the number of base stations is still increasing, at the same time, mobile users wireless network sensitivity to increasing the quality of services, the introduction of competition in mobile communications mechanism, so that the quality of service of wireless network operators are more concern, has become an important bargaining chip operating success.

Improve the quality of services involving multiple wireless network business, from construction including site selection, network planning; from services including window service, complaint handling; maintenance projects include exception handling and so on.

The overall level of China's lack of power systems, power outage occurs frequently, the most frequent abnormality in all cases, the most likely to lead to the base station case of customer complaints as a result of retirement services client base surrounding the phone call is not triggered by a power outage. Although the station has a backup battery as the main aid, can support the operation of the base station after the power cut, but the battery pack to support time is generally only a few hours, if sustained power outage will cause the base station out of service, it is also equipped with mobile companies a large number of oil-powered generator as a secondary means of the base station.

Diesel generator is divided into mobile and fixed oil machine oil machine are two kinds of major mobile companies are moving oil machine configuration, which is divided into portable and automotive oil machine oil machine. Mobile oil machine is a power outage maintenance personnel in the base station, the base station will be transported to the aircraft, and then manually switching, power generation; Since moving aircraft transporting difficult, often encountered en route traffic failure prevents the base station arrived, many mountain base vehicle can not reach, often need to manually carried to tens of kilograms of oil-Hill, only time-consuming, laborious, and there are still unsafe. Therefore, the mobile company is also equipped with a considerable number of fixed oil machine, installed in some key base stations, base stations and other transport facilities, switching the screen by configuring automatic generation.

But unlike ordinary civilian power station power generation, will be affected by many factors, causing the generator abnormal, leading to the generator does not start. Especially for a fixed configuration of the base oil machine, because in most cases is unattended, so the operation of aircraft can not be observed, can not determine whether oil machine at the normal start time of need and supply.

If the following situations will cause oil machine generator exception:

(A) the load power is greater than the master machine oil output, leading to the battery power is still in the process of discharge, resulting in the base station out of service.

(2) the battery discharge time is too long, the charging current is too large, the generator overloaded, causing the generator speed is reduced, the output voltage is reduced, less than the operating voltage power supply module, power module does not work when the generator load operation, generator speed is increased, the output voltage is restored, the power module and began to work again and again, resulting in job insecurity generator, the battery can not be charged, seriously affected the performance of the battery, and the station master device is not functioning properly.

Therefore highly desirable to have a means to remotely monitor the operation of the aircraft, and can when needed for remote control of the oil, based on the needs of this aspect of the proposed means of moving the company has been widely used in dynamic environment Monitoring System for oil machine generator remote control. Our company subsequently developed a dedicated remote monitoring station generator products. Generator controller module products LXC6120G, LXC3120G generator controller; wireless data transmission module (DTU) has LXI680G, LXI690 wireless data collection ; still dedicated server (data center).

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