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Brushless excitation generator Works,structure

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1, Brushless excitation generator works

Generator excitation current consolidation after rotating rectifier exciter stream provided by the AC, AC exciter field current by the permanent magnet machine by adjusting device fully controlled thyristor bridge rectifier after the offer, the size of the excitation current by the self-excited Automatic or manual adjusting device adjusted to meet the requirements of the generator operating conditions.

2, The structure of the generator brushless excitation

By the main magnetic machine, permanent deputy exciter, rotating rectifier plates, air cooler, silicon rectifier, AVR and other components.

Master Li: Three-phase, 20OHz, 2760KVA, 417V, 2820A, cos f 0.9,8 pole

Vice Reed: Three-phase, 40OHz, 90KVA, 250V, 208A, cos G 0.95,16 pole

f = pn/60

Rotating rectifier unit: a full-wave rectifier thyristor not have fuses and over-voltage protection, DC output: 2450KW 500V 4900N

Vice-pole type rotary exciter current is supplied to the stator main issue as a main exciter field current of the exciter, the rotational main exciter armature, the armature current is sent to the rotary shaft hole through the rectifying plate , after the rectifier to the rotor of the generator excitation coil to achieve.

3, The generator excitation current adjustment process

△ vice exciter - SCR - AVR regulator to adjust the main output current shunt rotating armature rotating rectifier sent one disc - - rotor winding - as the main exciter stator excitation current

△ static exciter armature John Reed's deputy sent 400Hz power supply, adjustable DC power rectifier formed to AC exciter field winding excitation voltage regulator through the three-phase full-controlled bridge SCR.

By controlling the full-controlled bridge rectifier conduction angle to adjust the AC exciter field current, so as to achieve the purpose of adjusting the excitation current. When DAVR failure by the auxiliary power after excitation frequency manually adjusting device after rectifying available. Generator excitation.

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