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Diesel generators - sump

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The main diesel generators used to store oil sump. Because of its small force, usually stamped or welded sheet steel, and some diesel engines are made of cast iron casting. In order to ensure the oil pump can often oil, the depth of the rear part of a larger whole bottom is beveled to ensure adequate supply.

The bottom of the oil pan drain plug is fitted, and some diesel oil drain plug with a magnetic generator can be all moving parts to wear down the iron suck, to prevent iron into the moving parts lubricated surface.

Of dry and wet sump two, wet sump oil not only collect the body of work, but also the oil impurities deposited on the bottom, to be maintained, the oil drain plug from the bottom of the screw opening. Sump Cummins NT Series diesel generators made of cast iron casting, installed on the dipstick to check the oil quantity and oil temperature sensor mounting holes,

Dry sump oil used only as a collection, which will be collected by pump oil to the chassis directly to the store specifically set by the supply of diesel generator sump oil lubrication system. For example 6160, 12V160 diesel engine using this oil pan.

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