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Diesel generator parts are there?

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Diesel generator parts by a diesel generator machine is mainly fixed mechanical moving parts and diesel generator components. Moving parts of diesel generator set machine consists of a piston, connecting rod group, crankshaft flywheel sets and other components. Its role is to withstand the gas pressure of the piston rod to pass through the crankshaft, and the reciprocating linear motion of the piston into rotary motion of the crankshaft output mechanical energy. The main parts of diesel generator comprises a fixed cylinder block, cylinder head, cylinder sets, etc. crankcase, which is the skeleton of the engine, the engine is the basis of the working body, subjected to various loads of the engine. Therefore, only the body member has a sufficiently high stiffness and strength to ensure that the engine is working properly long bodies.

1 Crankshaft and main bearings

Is loaded into the lower portion of the crank member of a long axis of the cylinder, with the axis of the crankpin offset, i.e., the crankshaft pin, which will be used to convert the reciprocating motion of the piston rod into rotational movement. Crankshaft oil passage drilled inside to the main bearings and connecting rod bearings supply lubricants.Supporting the crankshaft main bearings in the cylinder body is a sliding bearing.

2 Cylinder block

The cylinder block of an internal combustion engine is the skeleton, all the other components of the engine are connected by way of a screw or other member mounted on the cylinder. Many threaded holes on the cylinder block by bolts to connect with other components. In vivo as well as supporting Quzhou cylinder bore or bearing; bearing camshaft drilling; cylinder bore liner can be loaded.

3 Pistons, piston rings and connecting rod

A piston mounted in the ring groove and the piston ring is the role of the fuel with the combustion air pressure is transmitted to the crank shaft connected to the up link. Role of the piston rod is connected to the crankshaft. The piston rod is connected with the piston pin, which is usually full floating (the piston rod and the piston pin is floating).

4 Camshaft timing gear

In a diesel engine, the intake valve camshaft and the exhaust valve manipulation of; in some diesel engines, it may be driven oil pump or injection pump. Camshaft and crankshaft by the crankshaft via the front timing gear bared close to the timing gears or cam gear. This will not only drive the camshaft, valve diesel engine can also protect the crankshaft and piston in with the exact location.

5 Cylinder head and valve

Primary role is to provide a cylinder head cover to the cylinder. In addition, the cylinder head exhaust passage from the inlet He let air into the cylinder and let the exhaust out. The airway valve by a pipe mounted in the cylinder head driven to open and close the valve.

6 Fuel System

According to the diesel engine load and speed, fuel system of diesel engine cylinder at the exact moment the exact quantity of fuel injected.

7. Supercharger

A supercharger driven by the exhaust gas air pump he provided with a pressure air to the diesel engine. This increase in pressure is called supercharging, improve the efficiency of the diesel engine.

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