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Turbogenerator is Supporting the turbine generator, which is obtained by converting mechanical energy into electrical energy for the motor. Usually driven by the turbine, turbine or internal combustion engines. Generator of DC generators and alternators two categories, which can be divided into synchronous and asynchronous generators. The most commonly used modern power plant generator is synchronized. It consists of a DC current excitation, both to provide active power, reactive power can be provided to meet the needs of a variety of loads. No independent asynchronous generator field winding, simple structure, easy to operate, but can not provide reactive power to the load.Thus, induction generator must run in parallel with other synchronous generator, or a significant number of capacitors and connected. DC generator has a commutator, complex, expensive, failure-prone, difficult to repair? Efficiency is not as alternators. Therefore, since the 1950s, DC-DC power to AC generators gradually by the power semiconductor rectifier get replaced.

Turbo order to obtain high efficiency of the turbine generally made of high speed, typically 3000 revolutions / minute (frequency of 50 Hz) or 3600 r / min (frequency of 60 Hz). Nuclear power plants, but also in lower turbine speed 1500 rev / min or more. Turbo-speed centrifugal force due to mechanical stress in order to reduce the friction generated by the wind and reduce the consumption of the rotor diameter is generally made smaller, the length is relatively large, i.e., using elongated rotor. Especially in 3000 r / min or more large-capacity high-speed unit, the relationship between material strength, the rotor diameter is strictly limited, generally not more than 1.2 m. The length of the rotor body and the critical speed restrictions. When the body length reaches more than six times the diameter of the second critical speed of the rotor will be close to the operating speed of the motor, running a large vibration may occur. Therefore, the size of a large high-speed turbo-generator rotor is severely restricted. 100,000 kilowatts or so air-cooled motor rotor size has reached its limit size again increases above the motor capacity only by increasing the electromagnetic motor load to achieve. So we must strengthen the cooling of the motor. So 5 to 10 million kw turbine generator have adopted better cooling hydrogen cooled or water-cooled technology. Since the 1970s, the maximum capacity of the turbine generator has reached 130 to 150 million kilowatts. Since 1986, made a major breakthrough in the high critical temperature superconducting materials research areas. Superconducting technology is expected to be applied in the turbine generator, which will produce a new leap forward in the history of the steam turbine generator. 

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