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Definition of the automatic control system

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Use a variety of workers and equipment to replace its manual, humans differ from animals is a major feature, and generate automatic control system is the history of human development in a major undertaking. BC invention of the car and read the guidelines pot, can be said to be the oldest automatic control device.

Since the industrial revolution, the automatic control system is more widely used in people's production and life. From everyday household appliances such as rice cookers, refrigerators, fans, etc., to the industrial production of automated production equipment, such as CNC machine tools, automated production lines, to high-tech collar city, such as robots, rocket, spacecraft so inseparable from the automatic control system.

Currently, the scope of application of automatic control technology has been extended to the various social fields, including biological, medical, environmental, economic management has become indispensable to modern society, one worthy of this technology. The level of automatic control technology, Du will directly determine the level of productivity, has now become one of the standard measure of a country's level of technology.

Automatic control system means no one directly involved in the case, the automatic operation of the accused object given in accordance with the laws of the top systems. It is called the automatic control system. No one is directly involved. However, the automatic control system is created to run in accordance with the wishes of the people.Automatic control system for the controlled object side recover from illness, usually by controlling the one or more physical inside to achieve.

Incubator automatic temperature control system, based on the user's settings. Automatically control the temperature inside temperature. In this system, the thermostat controlled object of this control system is achieved by controlling the temperature of the temperature inside the bowl to achieve physical, and thermostat controlled object of this operation rules, squid is the incubator internal temperature with time The variation. The whole control process without the need for human involvement automatically, but requires changes of temperature control and temperature side is set by people.

Let's look at a more complex example - no driving plastic cars. The controlled object is a vehicle, there is the need to control the physical direction of the vehicle, velocity, acceleration, moving rail into position S., etc., and not only the variation of these quantities and time, but also on vehicle performance and other factors. More important is required to play the specific road conditions depending Discovery. To control the car with automatic ratio control box back disheartened degree is much more complex, we need a method to achieve intelligent control.

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