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Diesel generators to buy(one) - production basis and standar

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Diesel generators to buy(one) - production basis and standard products

Generator sets currently on the market many brands in the purchase should pay attention to the performance and quality of the selected units must comply with the relevant requirements of the standard, and the actual place of application load generators, installation and site conditions to ensure the electricity situation. At present, China and internationally for various applications in the field of turbine has a more detailed standards and regulations, manufacturers should be able to produce identification or certification national or international certification bodies.

China's current standards for the internal combustion engine generator sets are: JB generic GB2820-97 "Reciprocating internal combustion engine driven alternator set" (equivalent to the international ISO8528), frequency unit / T 10303-2001 "diesel generator set frequency technology conditions ", automated unit GB 12786-91" automatic diesel generator set technical conditions "and so on.

Standards-related sectors and industries are: GJB23 5A-97 "military engine plants common technical specifications", YD/T502-99 "communication dedicated diesel generator set technical requirements" and GB/T3020-97 "marine diesel generator set technical conditions "etc..

In addition, today's emphasis on environmental protection, the unit should have its own special treatment or to conform GB 16297-1996 "Air Pollutant Emission Standards" and GB 12348-90 "factories and enterprises factory noise standards" requirement.

Products for compliance with the relevant standards, inspection certificate granted by each department received from the State, such as the "certificate of authenticity" national internal combustion engine generator sets for Quality Supervision and Inspection Center grant, the Ministry of Machinery Industry, "National Quality Supervision, Inspection and mechanical products unified certificate", Information MII "network license" and so on.

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