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The difference between electronic speed diesel genset with E

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Now that a lot of customers are buying imported engine supporting domestic generators assembled generator sets, and there are a lot of imported engines are EFI engine, which with electronic speed generator or joint venture brands of domestic electricity generation units differ in structure, address this issue, our group Prudential years of experience in the industry, as we explain in detail the difference between the two is. 
Diesel genset with EFI electronic speed difference is still very large. EFI technology that engine fuel supply system of electronic injection technology, in order to strictly control the generator exhaust serious pollution to the environment, requiring automobile gasoline engine EFI technology must be implemented on non-EFI car took a non-access measures.
Due to the special nature of the diesel engine fuel supply system that supplies the fuel in the cylinder is to take the high-pressure (10 ~ 120MPa) jet way, technically the way to change the original oil compared with the gasoline engine has a larger difficulty. In fact, sometimes more serious pollution diesel than gasoline, especially smoke, carbon and oxygen compounds. 
Diesel generator set with a running speed requires diesel only stable, good dynamic performance, high-quality output power can also be adjusted with the speed automated in order to truly realize the device (main) power supply with automatic, intelligent. Therefore supporting the diesel engine diesel generator set has been part of recent electronic speed achieved, but environmental pollution control measures inaction. 
Diesel generators are vehicles, ships and construction machinery diesel variant products, resulting in the development of electronic control technology will inevitably be affected by major product. Into the late 20th century, due to diesel exhaust emissions regulations and gasoline vehicles as increasingly stringent, while improving the economy of the diesel engine requirements are further improved, so the base gasoline electrical control rapid development of technology, some developed countries have started to diesel power control technology - electronic injection were developed and research, and initially put into use. Electronic injection technology and electronic speed control technology both similarities (ie, the amount of diesel fuel injection control), but also has a fundamental difference, namely electronic injection also has the power signal control injection timing, injection pressure, fuel system completely abolished The mechanical structure. 
EFI diesel generator sets, changing the scope of the original generator set control unit is moving to a green diesel generator start, because in today's modern society, people have great importance to the environmental impact of sustainable social and economic development, has been attaches great importance to transportation, especially pollution control gasoline engine cars, emphasizing the need for engine electronic injection control, thus taking the mandatory universal. I believe in the near future, the popularity of diesel fuel injection technology is also not far for the day, the universal application of EFI diesel generator sets will also be aroused widespread attention. 
In summary, the future development trend of diesel generator set has gradually evolved to EFI generators, particularly mechanical speed-type generators will gradually exit the market, and instead use electronic speed EFI generators .

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