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Diesel generator electronic governor works

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Generator electronic governor is to speed and load changes in the application of electronic signals to the control unit, and then outputs an electrical signal is compared to the actuator, the actuator action to pull the rack or reduced fuel oil.Actuators can be electronic, hydraulic or pneumatic.

Electronic governor diesel generator works:

When the diesel generators run at a steady load, its working speed is equal to the set speed potentiometer speed setting 7. 3 speed sensor output voltage as a negative signal in the speed control unit 6 and a positive offset each other within the set speed voltage signal. Speed control unit 6 to the output shaft of the actuator control voltage signal 1 is the executing agency of the stationary diesel engine fuel supply is fixed, speed and stability.

If the diesel generator load suddenly increases, the load sensor output voltage of 5 First change, then the speed sensor output voltage corresponding change (value decreased). This two lower speed pulse signal at the control unit 6 and set the speed voltage comparator, the output value of the voltage signal, the actuator output shaft manipulation refueling direction of rotation, the amount of diesel fuel to increase circulation.

Conversely, if the load reduces the diesel generators, the speed is increased, the negative value of the sensor signal is greater than the speed setting voltage value of the signal value, the control unit outputs a negative voltage signal, an output shaft of the actuator manipulation less oil direction of rotation, reducing the amount of diesel fuel cycle.

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