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Why do some damage to the turbocharger on the engine,turboch

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Q: Why are some of the engine turbocharger damage, new for turbocharger life will be very short?

A: Look plant is positive, or vice plants, plant if it is positive it will not, if it is, relatively speaking, deputy plant life will be shortened a lot.

⑴ reason


① oil is not clean.


② Oil Road impurities.


③ into the exhaust pipe of a foreign body.


⑵ diagnosis and treatment


① Check the oil is clean. Because of the high speed of the turbocharger, with precision bearings between is also high, if oil is not clean, new for the turbocharger shaft will soon be damaged, so get a new turbocharger, while replacement of oil and oil the filter is very important.


② If the turbocharger when the new ones to replace the oil and oil filter, turbocharger life is very short, it is because too many impurities in oil passages caused by the need to clean the oil passages, refer to the following cleaning methods :


⒈ removed bad booster, let go of the oil when the heat engine.


⒉ certain amount of mixed oil (30% +70% diesel oil).


⒊ the turbocharger inlet pipe stuffed back into the intake pipe outlet pipe or seal.


⒋ start the engine, idle 1 to 2 minutes after stopping, let go of mixed oil (if dirty, it is best to clean twice), the above work carried out in the hot car.


⒌ cleaning or replacement turbocharger inlet pipe, cleaning the oil pan and replace the filter and air filter machines.


⒍ install new pressure control, and in the turbocharger inlet oil fill pre-lubricated, and then put into the tubing, fill the oil in the filter and install the final installation of other pipelines.


⒎ start the engine idling speed for 3 to 5 minutes to check for leakage air leaks.

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