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The type of generator electronic governor

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The type of generator electronic governor

The type of generator electronic governor, according to press speed range is divided into: Extreme governor; fixed speed (single system) governor; double standard governor; all standard governor of four, by executing agency : mechanical, hydraulic, electronic governor three. 

(1) Classification by speed range

① limit governor (the governor) is only used when the regulation can not afford to limit the maximum engine speed does not exceed a specified value, the speed falls below this specified value.

② fixed speed (single system) allows the governor to keep the engine speed within a predetermined range when the load changes. Such governor should be used for power generation diesel engines. Typically, in order to meet the requirements of more than one engine running in parallel, the governor general has a range of ± 10% adjustable speed calibration.

③ dual-mode operation of the governor to maintain a minimum speed of the diesel engine and its maximum speed limit. Intermediate speed is adjusted by manually.

④ governor in the whole system from the lowest speed stability over the entire operating range to maximum speed, can automatically adjust the amount of fuel injection to maintain any set speed.

(2) classification by the implementing agencies

① mechanical (direct-acting) governor it is the direct use of centrifugal force generated to move the fly weight adjustment mechanism to adjust the wing fuel oil machine speed.

② hydraulic centrifugal force (indirect-acting) governor it is to fly through the hydraulic server will be re-generated amplification using the amplified power to move the oil t regulatory agencies.

③ electronic governor speed signal monitoring or enforcement agency using electrically governor.

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