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SYC6714 generator synchronizer can and several generators a

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Q: SYC6714 generator synchronizer can and several generators and related requirements?

A: Theoretically there is no limit, and a lot can usually be and two more (limit up to 99 generating units).

Requirements: Requires preparation generator parallel controller (LXC9510) use. But now the market part and machine controller has its own synchronization.

SYC6714 synchronous generator Product description:

It is a subsidiary of the device with a parallel between the engine, which can adjust the parameters to the unit's AC ACparameters are consistent with the external bus, so that the current generator can be successfully incorporated into the bus to go. 
Working principle: it contains portions of the phase angle difference, the synchronization detection section window range, stable control of the engine speed and the gain adjustment section. When the detected current phase angle difference between the generator and the bus within a preset range of the output of a synchronous window relay signals to external devices and machines, if the phase angle difference is not within the range it will output an analog signal to the governor , a rapid change in engine speed, so that the phase angle difference is within the range, the synchronization process is completed. Under normal circumstances a good speed performance, and the car in less than3 seconds.

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