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Generator classification

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Classification generators usually have the following three: 
1、Classification by way of conversion of electrical energy 
By the conversion of electrical energy can be divided into the alternator (synchronous generator, induction generator)and DC generators into two categories. 
Alternator generator is divided into two kinds of synchronous and asynchronous generator. Synchronous generator and synchronous generator is divided into two kinds of implicit pole salient pole synchronous generator. Modern power plants are the most common synchronous generator, an asynchronous generator is rarely used. 
AC generators can be divided into two single-phase three-phase generator and the generator. Three-phase generator output voltage is 380V, single-phase generator output voltage is 220V. 
2、Press excitation mode classification 
By excitation can be divided into the brush and brushless excitation generator excitation generator categories 
Brush excitation of the generator excitation mode is excited type, brushless excitation generator excitation mode of self-excited. His style fairing generator excitation is on the generator stator, and the self-excited generator rectifier unit is on the rotor turbines. 
3、Press the driving force classification 
Driven power generator in the form of a variety of common power machine are: 
(1) Wind Turbines 
Wind turbines rely on wind driven generator is rotated to produce a current; these generators need to consume extra energy is a pollution-free power generator; 
(2) hydroelectric 
Hydropower is the use of the water gap, generate power, driven generator, but also the use of natural resources, green power generation equipment, also known as hydro 
(3) Fuel Generators 
Fuel generators are relying on diesel or gasoline combustion to produce power to drive turbines. Present in some service industries or small industry, the use of small fuel emergency generators can play a role. Experiencing a power outage, you can start fuel generators to maintain normal operation.

The generator can also be divided into turbine generator, hydro, generated on the way from diesel generators , gasoline generators. Into thermal power, hydropower and other energy from.

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