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Diesel generator governor of necessity

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Diesel generators are diesel fuel and air mixture in the cylinder formed by compression to achieve the self-ignition temperature of self-ignition combustion engine. High engine thermal efficiency, speed adjustment range is extremely broad application areas of the world as a thermal mechanical recently.

Diesel generator speed regulator , is an important element of the run regulator engine. Its role in the various operating conditions of the engine, when the external load is changed to automatically adjust the fuel injection pump site to ensure stable engine operation at a predetermined speed. Cars, tractors and marine diesel engine load and speed are constantly changing. For example, affect vehicle climbing, sailing by the wind cabin, the external environment such as water flow, which would lead to changes in engine load. When a slight change in engine load will result in great changes its rotational speed, and this change can not be self-regulating. Reduce the load will cause the speed increases, the speed increases in turn leads to increased amounts of fuel injection pump cycle, which will lead to further increase speed, this vicious cycle continuously, causing the engine speed increasing high, the last coaster; Conversely, increasing the load will make the speed is reduced, resulting in reducing the amount of fuel injection pump cycle, thus making the speed is further reduced, resulting in more low engine speed, the drum flameout. The speed of the diesel engine can be described with a significant change in the characteristics of the load consists of the following two characteristics.

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