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Diesel generator speed control module

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Diesel generator speed control module

Diesel generator power quality inspection characteristics: steady voltage and frequency regulation, transient regulation, settling time and volatility (56) shows the parameters required, the speed of the diesel engine control has great significance for the quality of output and effect, it must be accurate speed control.

Speed measurements

Speed Measurement principle: sampling speed signal path including the hardware configuration of the signal inputs and the central processing unit. Wherein the input channel by the speed sensor , integral circuit.

The sampling signal is a continuous time signal into a series of discrete time series of pulses. This process is a discrete signal samples. Sampling period is an important parameter to control system design, performance and sampling period choice system has very close ties. Since the control parameter is a function of the sampling period. The smaller the sampling period, the performance of sampled data control system closer to the performance of continuous-time controlsystems. In the actual system design, in addition to the sampling period, but also consider the quality of the signal. For most of the signal but also for pre-processing.

Practice, in order to minimize the gap between gears of the transmission, the rotational speed sensor is arranged in the general part of the flywheel, that is, the sensor measuring the speed of the gear portion of the flywheel is more suitable.And the flywheel teeth more its measured data more accurately. In our design, combined with the actual starters we chose 159 tooth flywheel teeth. Convex and concave tooth tooth change instantly generates a pulse, the number of pulses in a sampling period obtained a pulse unit, with a sampling period T said its unit is ms, so in minutes speed of the formula:

Speed = 6 × 10 ^ 4 × pulse units / T × 159

In the formula, based on direct input DSP arithmetic processing, the rotation speed can be accurately obtained.

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