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Generator fuel injection and combustion

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(a) The mixture formation

During operation of the diesel generators, fuel combustion is performed in a very short time, if the fuel is injected from one cylinder to the entire tender oil combustion in the cylinder representing the crank angle 40 ° -70 °, the rotational speed of 1500r/min , the corresponding time only. 0.003-0.006s. To make in such a short period of time complete combustion, emissions standards, there must be close coordination fuel atomization and combustion air movement between the three.

Forming the mixture into two phases, the first of the oil injection fuel droplet evaporation and mechanical dispersion, and then mixed with air to form a mixed gas. Oil phase depends on the characteristics of the first, the volume of distribution of fuel spray and the spray atomization and uniformity, etc., and these features are represented by the device determines the condition of the oil, the oil pump is speed, pressure, etc. and the state of motion of the gas in the combustion chamber, i.e. the air vortex turbulence and convection on the shape of the combustion chamber.

(B) the combustion chamber

Combustion of the combustible mixture formation and combustion where perturbations in the form of air, and the strength of the vortex; depends largely on the structure of the combustion chamber. And atomized or film form and quality, but also need to cope with the combustion chamber, thus forming the structure determines the size of the combustion chamber of the diesel engine and combustion of the combustible mixture in the case, and thus has a direct and significant impact on the performance of the diesel engine, particularly , the high-speed diesel engines. Diesel combustion is generally divided into two categories: direct injection combustion chamber and separate combustion chamber. Direct injection can be divided into open and semi-open combustion chamber, divided into havoc segregated flow combustion chamber and pre-chamber combustion chamber is concerned.

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