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Generator Mechanical governor

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Generator mechanical governor is governor generator classified by the implementing agency. Mainly by the fly weight 3, 4 and speed sliding sleeve spring 5, as shown in Figure 2.88. Fei Fei heavy weight 3 frame mounted on a shaft 2 by a diesel engine driven by high-speed rotation. Speed sensing element consists of fly weight 3 and 5 composed by spring force balance principle. When the power emitted by the diesel engine and the outside world just load balancing, its speed and stable fly under the centrifugal force generated by the spring preload re-balance 5, fuel adjustment lever 8 is also a certain amount of oil remain in the position shown in solid 2.88 line in Fig. If the external load is suddenly reduced, the power emitted by the diesel engine load is greater than the outside leaving the speed increases, the centrifugal force will then fly weight is greater than the spring preload leaving the sleeve 4 shift, increasing the amount of compression spring 5, through Pull the lever angle adjustment lever 8 to reduce fuel oil supply. When the adjustment process with external load engine power to restore balance in each case are reduced, fly weight stable governor in the broken line position shown in Figure 2.88, its centrifugal force and the governor spring is also another Growth conditions are reached a new equilibrium. When the external load suddenly increases, the governor's action contrary to the above, the centrifugal force and the spring force fly weight equilibrium in the case of one another are reduced.

From the foregoing, the engine speed can not be maintained unchanged before and after the rotational speed of the governor. When the external load is reduced, the speed adjusted slightly higher speed than the original; outside when the load increases, the speed adjusted slightly lower than the original speed. Fundamental reason for this difference is that the speed of the sensing element and fuel adjustment mechanism uses a rigid connection between; When the external load reduction must be a corresponding reduction in the amount of fuel to maintain speed and stability, and therefore less oil, oil lever must be right, this bound while increasing the speed of compression springs leaving the spring pressure becomes larger, thus balancing the sleeve and the spring force and the fly weight centrifugal force must also be increased accordingly. In order to achieve the above equilibrium conditions only when the engine speed is lower than the original speed. Clearly, rotation of adjustment screw 7 can change the preload of the governor spring 5, the setting can be changed by engine speed. Mechanical governor ability to work less, the sensitivity and accuracy are poor, but its simple structure, easy maintenance. Used for medium and small diesel engines.

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