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Yemen constantly increased sales of the generator power

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          According to the Yemen Times on Oct. 22 reported that due to the capital Sanaa continued power outages, more and more people had to buy a generator to generate electricity, but the generator price and quality vary widely, inexpensive and easy to use, often faulty safety hazard.

Many consumers can not withstand the temptation of cheap, but did not take into account the need to keep the generator cheaper maintenance costs, and inexpensive electronic devices inside the generator vulnerable, unable to control current. Generally speaking, low maintenance costs generators of its price is 1/3. Cheap generators time is generally not more than 5 hours, and noisy; nice if more than 10 hours to run without failure. Cheap generators are often associated power capacity label is misleading, allowing users to cause in the course of the connected electrical damage.

Cheap generators prices generally 2.4-2.6 million riyals (about $ 120 or so), but using only four months. Good generator to 120,000 Rials (about $ 560), more advanced than 60 million riyals (about $ 2,800). Standard Measurement Bureau officials also said that at present there is no standard import generators, resulting in many poor generator into Yemen. Generators Merchant said, people demand more and more cheap generators, but half man-days in Yemen income of under $ 2, so quite a few people who, even cheap generators can not afford.

In addition, the generator produces a great noise and air pollution, affecting the rest home and neighbors, who also produce harmful gases. Some of the generator on the interior, and thus pose a security risk. According to statistics, in 2012 more than 60 people died in generator-related accidents so far this year, 74 people died in generator-related accidents. Which led to an accident in September this year, the family eight people were killed, according to the survey is caused by the explosion generator indoors.

People need to be refrigerated milk, cheese and other foods. A merchant, said average loss per outage 20,000 rials (about $ 95). In Yemen, the people are all complaining about frequent power outages, because they need to live a normal life and conduct business activities. "What we need is electricity, rather than generators."

Experts said that since 2010, the cost of the generator Yemenis spent more than 500 million U.S. dollars. Government should try to solve this problem.

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