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What is the brush, brushless motor and controller?

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Brush, brushless whether the brush is commonly known. DC motor rotates continuously, depending on the magnetic field of the rotor and stator magnetic sex repulsion, opposites attract conducted. The current line package must be converted at the appropriate time, otherwise it will suck refuses to turn. Brush motor commutator rely on (school called the commutator) and brushes to automate complex, commutator and brushes mounted inside the motor. 
Generally brush motor brush wear around 2000 hours should be replaced. Ordinary hub motor and motor column (also called the center of the motor) require professional maintenance personnel to replace, while ordinary users own series motors can be replaced. Brush wear but also with the current size and the amount of silver brushes with related. Current series motor using three large cargo, not life to 2000 hours, a few months have to be replaced, how much silver content brushes prices vary greatly. 
There are only two connections Foreign brush motor, permanent magnet brush motors exchange connections can change the direction of rotation; series motors without permanent magnets, rotor and stator windings are, which is also called the stator magnetic field excitation, the two windings are independent, when used in tandem, called series motors.Although the series motors are also two outside connections, unlike permanent magnet brush motors exchange connections can change the direction of rotation, but the exchange of the rotor windings (one pair wire) or stator windings (one pair of lines) into a pair of can.

Brushless motor as the name implies, there is no internal motor brushes. Winding current is converted by an external brushless speed controller (hereinafter referred brushless controller) performed. However, you must provide rotor position of brushless motor brushless controller. There are eight common brushless motor leads, including three coarse yellow, green, rough, rough blue, is winding lead, the rest five thin rotor position sensor leads. Fine red generally positive 5 volts, thin black is negative and 5 volt signal common, fine yellow, green, fine, fine blue is three rotor position signal leads. Brushless controller is by signals they provide, to change the direction of winding currents. 
Brushless motor for electric vehicles have two types of 60 degrees and 120 degrees, can not see from the outside.Brushless controller also has 60 degrees and 120 degrees of the points, motors and controllers must be matched. 8 brushless motors and brushless controller connections between connection 36 species: only two are 60 degrees right, a forward and a reverse; six kinds of 120 degrees is correct , 3 forward, 3 reverse. The degree of mismatch or wiring incorrect results is: do not turn, turn, weakness, vibration, light load currents and large. Serious damage to the controller or the motor may be inside the hall rotor position 
sensor .

Brush motors and brushless motor comparison: 
Although there are advantages brush motor trouble, but the technology is mature, accessories Tesco, supporting a brush speed controller (hereinafter referred to brush controller) cheap; drawback is that the brushes badly worn, replace the need to open the motor cover. 
Brushless motor no problem opening the lid to replace the brushes, brush motors in theory than power, subjective feeling strong; drawback is the price brushless controller supporting a lot more expensive than a brush, the failure rate is high.

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