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PT fuel system components and PT fuel pump

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PT fuel system

Cummins PT fuel system is the United States (Cummins) Engine Company's patents. Compared with conventional diesel generator fuel system, PT fuel system has a large difference in terms of structure and working principle.

"PT", in English "Pressure (Pressure)-Time (time)," two words acronym, ie to regulate the pressure of a time loop fuel injection quantity principle.

 1. PT fuel system composition

PT fuel system is composed as shown in Figure 2.64. Which pump 3, 4 regulator, fuel filter 5, broken valve 7, the composition of the throttle valve 14 and the governor 6, 16, such as one, adding that this combination of PT fuel pump.Engine, gear oil is tender

3 wheeled suction pump from the fuel tank 1 via the fuel cleaner 2 - filter out the impurities, and then the regulator 4 after eliminating the fuel pressure pulsation, give it away fuel filter 5. After the second oil filtration tender is divided into two, all the way into the PTG governor and throttle, the other way into the MVS governor. After the governor pressure and throttle adjustment, by 7 off the oil supply injector valve 11. Shan metered oil in the injector, pressure, and people are regularly sprayed cylinder. Excess fuel back into the fuel tank through the return line. Injector fuel injection mechanism includes a drive cam 13, the arm 12, the injector 9 and the injector rocker arm rod 10. With gas injection cam and cam coaxial. Electromagnetic valve 7 is used to cut off the supply of fuel, the diesel stop.

2. PT fuel pump

PT fuel pump from the oil, such as the role of the regulator and the governor in the fuel system, ie ① under appropriate pressure for people to tender oil injector;

① When the engine speed or load changes and regulating the oil pressure to change the amount of oil to meet the changing needs of working conditions; ⑩ regulate and stabilize the engine speed.

PT fuel pump driven by a diesel engine, but no transmission timing relationship between it and the engine. Therefore, the timing of the installation without proof.

PT fuel pump is constructed as shown in Figure 2.65.

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