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Generators parallel controllers indicators principle solutio

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Generators parallel controllers control indicators principle solution

Control targets to achieve the following:

A, using a frequency table and read the generator frequency selector switch;

B, synchronized waveform and synchronization indicator;

C, generator and generator breaker is closed selector button;

D, do not need to adjust the frequency and voltage, synchronization module can automatically adjust the frequency and voltage, to prevent misuse.

1, compared with the control unit

In order to avoid misuse causing turbine generator sets for the impact on the grid or the grid, to prevent the turbines when the grid fails to take protective measures in the same period a dual control, the circuit breaker undervoltage trip mode choice, in the same period latching relay control on the basis of the same period increased by an electronic locking device to ensure that the grid entirely satisfy the closing moments and network conditions, otherwise the closing operation is invalid (such as synchronization indicator also changes rapidly, or when the phase difference is too large).

2, phase sequence protection unit

Phase sequence protection unit to prevent the mains phase sequence error. When the grid is inverted sequence is detected, the protection unit immediately issued a fault signal to avoid all kinds of accidents caused by power supply phase sequence instead of.

3, the power limiting means

Limiting means limits the power kW (active) control circuit and kVA (reactive power) limit control circuit composed of two parts.

kW (active) limit or control the door in the form of integrated circuits using active super power detection signal supplied from each turbine, a generator when the number appears KW overrun, the corresponding comparator circuit issued a directive to be passed by the memory circuit and memory Relay issued blocked signals.

kVA (reactive) restrictions or gate control circuit is also used in the form of super-integrated reactive power detection signal supplied from each generator set, when a few kVA generator overrun occurs, the corresponding comparator circuit issued a directive to the memory circuit Memory and send signals through the blockade relay.

4, ground fault detection unit

Ground detection unit with a high-impedance ground fault detection circuit for grounding the positive and negative DC bus phase 600V, 380V bus and each output rectifier cabinet for testing, and the corresponding signal shown by a ground fault.

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