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Control devices involved in the knowledge structure

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Control devices involved in the knowledge structure

Automatic control system involves a wide range of knowledge. On the controller , the control will include classical control theory, modern control, digital control, intelligent control, adaptive control, optimal control, etc., but also theoretical knowledge of systems engineering, software engineering, circuit analysis, electronic technology and other aspects of the practice technology.

For the sensor , its knowledge is related to sensing and detection, related to the knowledge units are: sensor technology (including physical, chemical, biological and other types), detection and diagnosis, anti-jamming technology, measurement signal processing, error Analysis and Compensation, telemetry and remote sensing, robot perception and so on. In this knowledge unit, sensor technology is the core, the detection and diagnosis of emphasis on theory is an extension of the sensor measurement signal processing technology-oriented, anti-jamming technology and error analysis and compensation is to improve the measurement accuracy of key technologies. The telemetry and remote sensing, robot perception, etc., it is a special field of sensor technology.

Actuators are driven executive with knowledge of the field, involving electrical and mechanical vapor-liquid-driven, mechatronics, power electronics, remote control and other knowledge units. Among them, the vapor-liquid electromechanical drive is the core, the core technology of mechatronics is a comprehensive application form, power electronics is the basis for most of the normal operation of the actuator. The remote control is a special executive body, which is used to receive, transmit and execute control commands. However, the results of the implementation of the remote control, is generally not directly control the controlled object, but generates a switching signal or a coded signal, go to control conventional actuators. Therefore, it can be understood as the remote control two actuators.

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