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Generator voltage regulator board set closing method

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Generator voltage regulator board set closing methods are: generator voltage regulator board agreed closing frequency difference, voltage partial reflection, tune A partial reflection, closing partial reflection,   Low-voltage lockout reflection, introspection maintenance generator overvoltage six methods. I will introduce in detail below.

1, closing the generator voltage regulator board agreed frequency difference

Closing promised to set parameters for the frequency difference t 0.16Hz, maintain the generator and system voltages are 10OV, imitation system and generator frequency is 5GHze enter debug interface to maintain system frequency constant, slow lowering generator frequency generator controller until Until just the same display screen, record the measured value at this frequency generator; longer maintain system frequency constant, slow to add the generator frequency until the screen displays the same date, according to the measured value at this frequency generator, accounting frequency difference atresia limitations.

2, reflect the local regulator

Generators and frequency difference conditioning systems within the limitations of the promise to maintain the system voltage is 100V. Reduce the generator voltage to the limitations of outside pressure setting, view boost initiatives relay accurate measurement normal pulse generator controller output voltage regulator generator voltage rises again to outside pressure tuning limitations, look buck relay initiatives accurate reflection In the process of regulating station gates are not exported.

3, tune A partial reflection

Conditioning generator and system pressure within the limitations of the promise to maintain the system frequency is 50Hz. Reduce the generator frequency to the frequency difference tuning limitations outside, look to accelerate initiatives relay accurate measurement of the output speed pulse normal; then add the generator frequency to the frequency difference tuning limitations outside, look deceleration relay accurate measure, measure the output pulse is normal speed ; introspection station exit gate will not be the governor process.

4, closing partial reflection

Experiment with unified power output two voltage signals to identify the family flag was added to the same period in the installation system voltage and generator voltage input terminal, alteration phase two voltage signals between ethnic flag, to see the phase LED indicates accurate. Tuning circuit breaker before closing time for a value guide Cummins actuator instead of two experiments to identify conditioning power generators and the system pressure, the frequency difference were promised within the limitations of view tend to reverse the phase indicator accurate frequency generator When the system frequency is higher than the indicator should clockwise twist. View station gates family flag signals accurately announced that 31,111 units in the normal gate pulse output.    

5, Low lockout remorse

Experimental power conditioning system or imitate additional voltage generator voltage is less than 65% or less, Cummins speed control board to install the same period of introspection abort the operation and declared off-pressure alarm signal.

6, generator overvoltage maintenance introspection

Experimental power generator imitate conditioning outer reaches 115% over the same period the value of Cummins parts introspection installation cut the loop and continue to accelerate announced buck instructions.

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