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Characteristics of the sensor

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Characteristics of the sensor

Sensor characteristic is the relationship between the sensor output and the Discovery of people. The general characteristics of the sensor to meet a certain function. For most sensors, the characteristic function is typically a multi-input, single-output function. Characteristic function is a single output, in use, is usually taken as a physical output of the most commonly used voltage, current and frequency. Due to the amount of sensor input is most needed in addition to physical measurements, but also by many other factors, so characteristic of the sensor is a multi-function input. For example, a resistive displacement sensor, the resistance value can be measured to reflect the shift amount, but also affected by the power limit of the ambient temperature.

Generally, in the automatic control system, the characteristics of the sensor regarded as a simplified single input function, the input is the physical quantity measured in the single output, an output electrical signal corresponding to the amount. Physical impact on other outputs are input as the interference, under certain conditions and in a certain range, and to consider the measurement errors are caused by the control.

And automatic control systems, sensors for measuring the performance of a physical quantity but also the steady state (steady state) and dynamic characteristics of the points. Sensor performance is good or bad, it usually steady-state and dynamic performance indicators to measure performance in two parts tray.

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