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The impact of high-frequency generator controller

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      Generator controller effects of high frequency: the highest frequency should not exceed 52.5HZ, that exceed 5% extra value. Frequency increases, the first restriction is subject to change in the mechanical strength. High frequency, high speed motor, the high speed, the centrifugal force of the rotor is increased, which is easy to make certain parts of the rotor damage.

Frequency low impact on the generator:

(1) frequency is reduced to reduce the rotational speed of the rotor caused by the generator controller so that the drum into two fan reduces the amount of wind, the premise of the deterioration of the generator cooling, the local temperature rise.

(2) low frequency can also cause broken turbine blade.

(3) low frequency, power plant idea of speed is reduced, resulting in decreased output. Also users of electricity peace, product quality and efficiency have adverse effects.

(4) the frequency is low, causing the temperature of the rotor coil added, or have reduced output.

(5) In order to reduce the frequency terminal voltage remained unchanged Cummins actuator was added flux, which is easily the stator core saturation flux escaping to make certain structural components of partial base temperature, and some parts of even take Mars.

(6) low frequency, low voltage, which is due to induction of the size and speed of the electric potential on the reason.Also low speed generator exciter also makes coaxial output cuts, the impact of reactive power output of the generator into phase operation, the operation should pay attention to what?

Theoretically, the generator can be operated in a phase called a phase Cummins, i.e., the power factor is leading, the current leads the generator terminal voltage at this time, the generator is still sent to the active system, but receives no reactive power, the excitation current is small, the generator is running at low excitation conditions. Phase generator into operation, we should pay attention to two issues:

(1) Static invariance lower;

(2) the ends of the magnetic flux leakage caused by the stator end temperature.

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