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Generator seal oil system works

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      Generator seal oil system works

      1 An air side seal oil path most hydrogen cooled generator with dual circulation seal watts. Watt generator sealed at both ends, radial shaft inclusion, the air side, the hydrogen side of the ring with two tank. Generator seal oil system is divided into the air side and the oil side of the oil two hydrogen. Air side seal oil path: air side seal oil pump or air side AC DC seal oil pump in the future to improve the self-lubricating oil tank pressure after oil cooler, oil filter and differential pressure regulator valve into the air side of the seal tile with sump, flowing outward from the air side of the axial clearance, and the confluence of the generator bearing oil return ends into the oil separator after the removal of dissolved hydrogen in the hydrogen gas oil, lubricating oil back to the main tank. Differential pressure regulating valve for regulating the air side seal oil, making the air side seal oil seal watt generator at the hydrogen pressure is always higher than 0.084MPa.

       2 hydrogen side seal oil path hydrogen side seal oil path: Oil fell from the hydrogen side seal tank to boost the hydrogen side seal oil pump sent through the oil cooler, oil filter and balancing valve into the hydrogen side seal tile with sump, asked by the hydrogen side of the axial gap outflow into the defoaming tank overflow dissolved hydrogen, the hydrogen side seal tank shed. The hydrogen side seal oil through the air side seal oil pressure balance valve track, both differential remain within ± 49 Pa. Such seal oil is always higher than the gas pressure inside the machine, to prevent hydrogen from the generator inside the machine overflows or outside air into the generator. Double loop seal watt high sealing efficiency, can effectively prevent hydrogen leakage. And even when the hydrogen side seal oil lost, the air side seal oil seal can still play a role.

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