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The disadvantage exists hydro governor

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Stepper motor or DC servo motor controlled hydro generator governor 's shortcomings

Turbine governor is an important component of local hydropower station, the primary control of hydroelectric generating set for speed and output, its quality and functionality directly affect the security of reliable power quality and hydropower task. Electrical - Mechanical governor transformation is the central component partsCummins parts servo motor, therefore, deal with turbine governor in electrical - mechanical components transform mission reliability is poor, anti-oil pollution and other issues can be weak, is advancing the reliability of turbine governor point.

The early 1990s, the domestic institutions of higher learning, research institutes and production factory has developed a motor (stepping motor, DC servo motor) electrical - mechanical conversion components. Changes stepper motor controlled by a command pulse manipulate simple; DC servo motor control convenience, speed wide-scale, high output torque, overload to strong, dynamic echo good. Thus, with a stepper motor or DC servo motor controlled turbine governor at large, the use of medium-sized hydropower stations achieved significant results, and then deal with the servo valve to weak anti-oil, easy credit card issuers, such as poor reliability task problems. When the stepping motor has a launch frequency, formed under high load condition can not respond fast speed and at high torque drop tasks encountered jamming: However, the stepping motor and a DC servo motor itself a disadvantage, the first table now can stall, stall; existence brush and commutator DC servo motor friction and sparks problems, brush wear will bring problems, but also to make it more trouble in protection.

Communication programmable servo control layout and hydro governor primary characteristics 
In recent years, along with e-skills advance, new power switching equipment, ASIC and control algorithms to carry out, so that the communication power supply, functional communication greatly advance the servo system, which in addition to overcoming the stepper motor or DC servo motor's own lack of , also has a powerful control method is sensitive, good skills, capabilities and reliability of advanced features. Thus, the communication by a servo motor driven equipment consisting of a turbine governor electrical - mechanical components is the power conversion electronics skills, microelectronics skills, computer skills and control principles and ongoing advances forward the inevitable result.

Communication programmable servo control electrical turbine governor based on programmable manipulator local (PLC) hardware centers, software selection fully modular layout, colorful LCD screen appeared, with an outstanding all-Chinese graphical HMI Fadia mask tune Pressure Electrical - mechanical components used to communicate transform servo motor, ball screw active complex with the device; hydraulic system layout is directly connected to the servo drive devices communicate directly controlled mechanical displacement main pressure valve. PLC frequency signal measurement error hydro group, and then the rules must conditioning (PID or PI) converting digital signals into position manipulation; electrical - mechanical components transform the digital signal linearly into mechanical displacement, and then directly controlled by the assistant secondary hydraulic servomotor and the main pressure valve consists of the expansion, through the main servomotor control water turbine guide vane opening (or blade angle), to complete the speed and load control hydro group.

Communication programmable servo control local electrical turbine governor, electrical - layout principles and mission control system mechanical components and hydraulic systems transform a detailed analysis of each local depict features and functions. Programmable servo control communication turbine governor primary function index values at or better than national standards, the situation in the mission also marked hydropower, which features an outstanding governor.

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