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Diesel generator sets rules

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Diesel generator sets rules

First, the generators should be placed in a safe place smoothly, open storage use measures should be rain.Electricity use when there is someone on duty operation.Second, the rules of the diesel engine

1, should be checked before starting the engine cooling water, fuel, oil. Check the oil pan and the inner surface of the injection pump oil, cooling water has reached the top surface of the Sheung Shui rooms, each part should not leakage. 

2, should always pay attention to the oil pressure after starting prohibit diesel oil pressure does not rise during acceleration, when the engine oil temperature is higher than 450C, the water temperature is higher than 550C can gradually enter full-load operation.

3, pay attention to the use of cooling water in the winter freeze, after the shutdown should unscrew the drain valve body, water pump, oil cooler and radiator, cooling water drained.

Third, the generator operating procedures.

1, all parts should be checked before using the generator, control box whether the connection between damp, loose, current, voltage meter and regulator table if there is damage to the phenomenon, if it should be replaced.

2, when the engine starting operation, check the coupling section, the sound generator to work properly.

3, when the diesel engine into full-load operation, check the output voltage, current and frequency, and make adjustments, so as to meet the job requirements.

4, external appliances to operate, pay attention to three phase. Non-overload.

5, the generator should always check the working status of the generator, and output control box and all electrical components.

Fourth, the diesel generators parking, first cut off all electrical appliances load and allow engine to gradually slow down, slow down running 3 to 5 minutes before parking.

Fifth, the operator should always wipe the dirt on the surface of diesel generator sets, dust, find leaks, spills, leaks, loose screws, and other failures, should be required to stop and ask a professional repair personnel repair.

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