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Governor of performance indicators

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Governor of performance indicators

Governor 's performance directly affects the stability and reliability of the diesel engine running. After the governor installed to deal with diesel mutation load test to analyze the performance governor.

Assess the performance of the governor has two operating indicators

A dynamic index

Speed control system used to evaluate the performance of the transition process.

① instantaneous transfer rate δ1

Sudden full load instantaneous transfer rate

Sudden decrease instantaneous transfer rate at full load

China's relevant regulatory requirements sudden power diesel full load transfer rate and sudden reduction at full load shall not exceed 10% of the rate adjustment.

② settling time ts - measured from the sudden (or sudden reduction) after full load, the maximum deviation from the idling speed of just speed (or full-load steady speed) fluctuation range to speed recovery to full load steady speed (or maximum load speed) The time required until the fluctuation range.

China's relevant specification, the settling time of the alternator is not greater than 5s.

2, static indicators

① stable transfer rate δ2 - means that when the joystick calibration oil in the position of the maximum load speed n0max and calibration of differential speed nb nb ratio with the percentage of rated speed.

Stable transfer rate is a measure of the accuracy of the governor, the smaller the value, which means that the accuracy of the governor, the better.

② volatility Φ speed or speed the rate of change φ - stable operation when used to characterize the degree of change in engine speed, and is dominated by diesel rotary torque caused by uneven. But the two different definitions:

Speed fluctuation rate Φ =

Speed change rate φ =

In general, in the calibration condition, Φ ≤ (0.25 ~ 0.5)%; φ ≤ (0.5 ~ 1)%.

③ no sensitivity ε

When the engine load is at a stable operation, because there is a gap, the friction resistance of the governor mechanism and, if a slight change in the rotational speed, the governor does not immediately change the amount of oil. Until the speed variation is large enough, the governor can begin to play a role in regulating oil. This phenomenon is called the governor's insensitivity.

Represents the size of the dead zone with no sensitivity ε.

Sensitivity is not too large, it will cause the engine speed instability, severe cases can lead to the loss of the role of the governor occurred coaster. General provisions in the rated speed, ε ≤ (1.5 ~ 2)%; while the lowest steady speed, ε ≤ (10 ~ 13)%

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