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The generator voltage regulator pressure controller

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         Dongguan Tuancheng network generator pressure regulator is a kind of internal compensation no leak off spring control pressure controls the pressure regulator spring set in the outlet pressure does not vary with the outlet flow changes in no flow expired this controller can adhere to the leak detection of gas pressure regulator is according to the specification requirement description and the product can be adapted in the specification of various gas no corrosive gas and air pipe. It not only widely used in hybrid or multiple burner gas network and is suitable for industrial non industrial gas methane gas liquefied petroleum gas no corrosive gas and air supply pipe network or Internet

        Digital frequency meter product specifications watch digital voltage internal pipeline of the filter convergence diameter lines linking digital ammeter flange connection digital voltage meter maximum inlet pressure outlet pressure regulating pressure digital ammeter scale corresponding to through the use of different spring to meet the demand for digital frequency meter closed the satisfaction of the needs of leak detection Cummins maximum agreed to accept the pressure door is not damaged

        The generator controller using ambient temperature scale Cummings governor plate diaphragm promised to accept pressure motor voltage regulator internal components of man-made fibre Cummings filter shell actuator filter class selection factors conditioning flow should not be according to the selected interface diameter products must be according to the measure of pressure to the selected should pay attention to this point

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