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Common foreign brand engine

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Common foreign brand engine

The United States Cummins Cummins

America cummins engine company was founded in 1919, the main production of power generation equipment, industrial and automotive and other industries with the engine.Cummins diesel engine technology in the leading position in the world, has always been more than 200 horsepower diesel engine manufacturers and more than 50 horsepower diesel engine's second largest manufacturer.Its products with superior performance, excellent quality, reasonable price, loyal service throughout the world, has developed into one of 500 famous multinational companies in the United States.

The British perkin Perkins

In 1932, Perkins (Perkins company is one of the earliest production engine company all over the world.Produced by diesel oil and natural gas as a fuel engine for its economy, reliability and durability advantages in industries widely promotion and application.Such as automobile, engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, industrial generator sets and ship, etc.Products have 100, 3.152, 4.236, 1000, 1300, 2000, 3000 and 4000 series.The 2000 and 3000 series from famous in the world, one of the most authoritative in the field of mechanical power of British Rolls-Royce (Rolls-Royce) design and manufacturing of the company.

Rich Sweden VOLVO

A history of more than 120 years multinational giant companies, a Swedish no.1 in the world 500 strong enterprises, the specialty is engaged in the heavy machinery, trucks, cars, ships.From the production of the first heavy trucks to one of the world's three big luxury car VOLVO cars, from one hundred thousand tons of oil tanker to world famous VOLVO PENTA - diesel engines, heavy power is ubiquitous in the field of VOLVO PENTA - style.Today, condensed the world's most good power engineer great inspiration VOLVO - PENTA engine has become synonymous with the international top of diesel engine.The high performance indicators, high reliability, environmental protection, low noise, easy installation, good ability to adapt the plateau characteristics is esteemed the industry in the application.

South Korea's daewoo

Daewoo comprehensive machinery was established in 1973, called north Korea machinery production is at first, after this has been the leader of South Korea's machinery industry in the development of leading enterprises, now has become South Korea's largest machinery company.They through continuous technology, quality, reform, enhance the competitiveness of their products, strong the position of world-class heavy industry.Built in 1975, Asia's largest machinery manufacturing factory and was beginning to production engine, with the German company and Japan's isuzu company signed a series of technical agreement, a full range of production engine users at home and abroad.Company products based on strict and standard quality assurance system, passed the ISO9000, ISO14000 and other international certification, in the heavy construction equipment, industrial vehicles, machine tools, the system and other fields of business, to provide the world's highest level of products and services


Since the day was founded in 1917, mitsubishi heavy industries development and continuously to create the various types of capacity from 0.5 to 56.400 horsepower diesel engine, to satisfy the customer's use and professional use commonly, "believe that tomorrow" the enterprise idea, mitsubishi heavy industries is based on the company's advanced technology to improve the lives of all people.Mitsubishi heavy industries of diesel engine with mitsubishi aerospace science and technology, such as mitsubishi, mitsubishi nuclear technology to military equipment with time as the representation of the advanced technology, and its excellent quality is the assurance of user trust.

The strong deer John Deere

1. Fast, reliable cold start, the heater is installed in the intake manifold, making it easier for the engine at low temperature.At the same time, low resistance supercharger and quick to make the engine fuel injection system with the recovery of in a very short period of time has high load bearing capacity;

2. The operation cost is low, the engine combustion process in the adoption of advanced technology, greatly reducing the fuel consumption, to provide users with the lowest operating cost;

3. Steady low noise, since each engine manufacturing, production, always puts noise reduction design development, developed at the first.Specially developed engine airframe, optimization design of suspension system, precise matching of turbocharger and low-speed cooling fan are to reduce the noise greatly;


Detroit, a engine manufacturers in the United States, the main production two-stroke engine.Engine products main model in the DDW water-cooled engines and DDA air-cooled engine.


IVECO (IVECO) company is the key members of Italy's FIAT group (FIAT), mainly engaged in the research and production of automobile and diesel engine, at the same time the production of engineering machinery, diesel locomotive, mining, metallurgy and power generation equipment.Iveco, love f for iveco designed for customers in the production of special diesel engine company, is located in the city of milan, Italy, the production of diesel generating sets installed capacity from 17 kw to 616 kw, completely meets ISO8528 standards, iveco, love f the company has ISO9001 quality certification, is the world's most one of main diesel generator set manufacturer.

Germany, according to Mr. DEUTZ engines

Germany, according to Mr. Joint-stock company based in Germany Rhine city, over the years, with its leading products, according to Mr. Brand diesel engine.Company existing staff 5454 people, the total sales of around 1.173 billion euros.A total of 2003 users around the world to provide a 156237 diesel engines and gas machine.

Deutz company is the world famous independent manufacturer of diesel engines, the history of the famous four-stroke engine inventor otto founded in 1864, at present, the company has four engine plant in Germany, in the world there are 17 licences and cooperation factory, produced by the diesel engine power range from 5 to 5000 horsepower, gas machine power for 250 to 5500 horsepower.Deutz company has a reputation for the air-cooled diesel engine asked name in the world, and in the early ninety s, the company has developed a new water-cooled engine (1011, 1012, 1013, 1012 series, such as power range from 30 kw to 550 kw), a new series motor has small volume, big power, low noise, good emission, easy cold start and other characteristics, can satisfy the stringent emission regulations in the world today, has a broad market prospect.

Twenty years, deutz co., LTD has been in close and friendly cooperation with China, in domestic has seven engine license production plants, and for its high quality products in the user and maintained a very high reputation in the industry.It is worth mentioning that in faw truck of steam in the early ninety s proceed to wood selection work, deutz of 2012/1013 series diesel engine with its technical sophistication, the rationality of the design, the outstanding performance and reliability of the vanquished the numerous world famous manufacturers, in faw more than a year in all kinds of bench test and road test the load won the most excellent grades, was finally selected as the truck, faw ideal auxiliary power.

Deutz diesel engine is wide range of applications, including commercial vehicles, engineering machinery, forklifts, agricultural machinery, compressors, generators and ship, etc.

Deutz company tenet is to provide users with high-quality products and services, and hope to keep long-term business cooperation relationship with China, further expanding areas of cooperation, with our products as always support our customers.

German Benz MTU

MTU company is Daimler - mercedes-benz diesel propulsion systems division, one of the world's top heavy diesel engine manufacturing company, its products are widely used in military vehicles, railway vehicles, Marine vessels and prime power station.MTU company's predecessor as early as in 1883 developed the first high speed vehicle internal combustion engine.In 1901, the design, manufacture the world famous Mercedes cars.Since 1909, from the aircraft engine to produce heavy diesel engine.1923 start manufacture high-performance diesel engine.Now the company's main products are heavy diesel engine MTU (standalone power 35 to 7400 kw), gas turbine engine, engine management systems and electronic monitoring system and overloading transmission.In early 1997, MTU company to market the best products: 2000 series and 4000 series engines.

At home by buying manufacturer of engine MTU technology have a responsibility to shanxi diesel engine co., LTD., mainly produces series 396 engines.

The caterpillar Caterpiller

CATERPILLAR (cat) is one of the world's largest producer of construction machinery and construction machinery.Is the world high quality diesel generator set and gas generator set, chief supplier.CAT engine of productivity and durability for the test, the quality of the CAT has been recognized as the first in the world, and for many years by the United States "fortune" magazine named industrial and agricultural equipment manufacturing industry ranked first, 43rd place among the global top 500 enterprises.Global sales of $20.175 billion in 2000.

CATERPILLAR inc. (CATERPILLAR) since 1931, design and production of engine, generator set, in 1939, which started has accumulated more than 70 years of experience in design and production.Over the years, caterpillar on the equipment design, development, research, invested a lot of manpower and material resources, make CAT product continuously jump in quality and performance.The caterpillarDiesel generator setIs the only industry from the engine, generator, control system and all components are made by a caterpillar factory unified design, manufacture, testing and warranty, is currently the world's best generator products.

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