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Hydraulic governor

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Hydraulic governor

hydraulicgovernorWeight is not directly produced by centrifugal force to mobile diesel engine fuel control mechanism.So, this governor also said indirectly governor.Hydraulic speed control valve and the power piston of hydraulic amplification mechanism, in addition, in order to improve the stability of hydraulic speed regulating process, to improve the dynamic characteristics, also have feedback mechanism, the compensation effect.Hydraulic governor has wide speed adjusting range, high controlling precision and sensitivity, good stability, widely used in large and medium-sized diesel engine of the ship.But its complex structure, higher demands on management.

First, the working principle of hydraulic governor

1, there is no feedback hydraulic governor

The working principle of

No feedback hydraulic governor has a problem

Because of inertia, the speed control system makes the movement of slide valve and power piston always lags the change of the engine speed.When reducing oil, moderately impossible depending on the degree of reducing load adjustment, and reduce oil, diesel engine speed down too much;Similarly, when the load increases, the diesel engine oil will increase too, diesel engine speed.So repeated slow down, speed up the adjustment process, the diesel engine rotating speed fluctuation is very big, adjust the process is not stable, cannot meet the use requirement.So, this kind of no feedback device of hydraulic governor cannot be used in practice.

2, rigid feedback hydraulic governor

The working principle of

Rigid feedback hydraulic governor has a problem

By the end of the adjustment process, the slide valve back to its original position, the control oil hole is shut, cut off the oil to the servo cylinder.When the power piston to stop movement, fuel injection pump control rod move to a new equilibrium position, work under the new diesel engine in the corresponding load.Point A position according to the load change, both connected to slide valve point B in any stable working conditions shall be in the original position, has nothing to do with the load.Since feedback is done by rigid connection, therefore, the location of the point C must cooperate to point A stable correspondingly changes also in the new position, that is to say, diesel engine can't restore to its original speed.Thus the stability of the speed governor adjustable rate cannot be 0.

3, elastic feedback hydraulic governor

The working principle of

The characteristics of the elastic feedback hydraulic governor

After the speed adjustment process, the rotation speed of diesel engine can still remain the same, namely the stability of adjustable speed can be 0.

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